Stevie and Chris

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How We Met

Chris and I have known of each other for about eight years. My best friend, Jenna(who is also my cousin) has an older brother Colby who is friends with Chris. Over the years I ran into Chris at Colby and Jenna’s parents house, parties at Chris and Colby’s place, and one time we all went on a cruise together. Being that we are eight years apart in age we never thought of each other as much more than Colby’s friend, or Jenna’s friend. As I grew older, I remember Jenna’s brother-in-law Eric always saying things like “You should date our friend Chris, you guys would be perfect together!”. Of course I really liked the idea of that, but never thought Chris was into me. Time went on and after kissing more frogs than princes I had decided that I didn’t want to be in a relationship at that time, I was gonna focus on me and just enjoy being single!

Then, one random night I reconnected with Chris and I was done. Jenna and our friend Maddie had just moved in together near Chris’s place. They were having a housewarming party and Colby invited Chris over. I showed up having no idea he was there. We ended up across from each other at a beer pong table (Soooo romantic, I know) when I spitefully said “Hi, Chris…”. I didn’t want to be the first to say “Hi”, but I’m sure glad I did. Chris and I were pretty much inseparable all night and continued to see each other as much as possible from that day forward. Jenna’s brother-in-law, Eric, credits himself for our relationship considering he “called it” way before we ever saw the potential. It’s funny, my friend Maddie and I always argue about whether things happen due to coincidence or fate… You be the judge. We consider that night our anniversary and have celebrated it for three years… Now, we are engaged!

how they asked

For months I had been telling Chris how I wanted “nice pictures” of us…not pictures taken on an iPhone. We had a trip planned to Lake Tahoe with my cousins and their families. Chris told me he asked my cousins husband, Eric, to take pictures of us in the snow during our trip. I was excited and totally impressed that Chris took it upon himself to plan that for us. The morning of our picture sesh was cold and overcast but also such a gorgeous site! After getting ready we loaded up in the truck to drive down to the beach where Chris’s family used to own a cabin, a place where we shared many memories together. Just about as we got in the truck it started raining. What’s the point of taking “nice pictures” if you’re soaking wet!?!

After checking the weather and realizing it was scheduled to rain the rest of the weekend I figured that we were already there and ready to go, we might as well walk down to the beach, drop our jackets, and at least get two nice pictures before we were soaked. So we did. About 10 pictures in I was fixing my hair and just about to tell Chris I was ready to wrap it up and head back when he says “Stevie…” I turned around and said in an irritated tone “what?!”. Next thing I know, Chris is on his knee, taking my hands and says “Stevie, I love you…. Will you marry me?”

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Lake Tahoe, California

Then he pulled the most gorgeous ring I have ever seen out his pocket. I don’t think I said anything for a good 15 seconds due to the complete shock and surreal feeling that washed over me.

I eventually got the word out…”Y E S!!!!”…Along with some “oh my god” and “are you serious?” I was crying and shaking but the tears themselves weren’t really there till I found out that a week prior, Chris had asked my dad for his blessing.

Eric snapped some more photos of us while we soaked in the sheer excitement and happiness, as well as the rain.

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