Stevie and Alanna

Stevie's Proposal in Perth Zoo, Western Australia

How We Met

Stevie and I met at work. We had both started a new job at an insurance company and were in the same training group. I was immediately attracted to him (he is gorgeous) but I’m really shy especially in group settings so there was no way I was going to initiate anything. During the weeks in training, he went out of his way to get to know me and made sure I felt included in the group activities. He kept asking if we could go do a gym session together after work but I was resistant in the beginning just because I’m so shy haha. He was very persistent and eventually asked me out on a dinner date. When I agreed he was over the moon and immediately booked my favorite restaurant. He picked me up, we had an amazing dinner and clicked straight away. He dropped me home (before midnight haha) and after that first date, I can honestly say I felt like he was the one. He has made me feel like a queen every single day since and I feel so lucky to have such an amazing man as my life partner.

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Perth Zoo, Western Australia

How They Asked

Stevie is a very thoughtful and romantic partner so I knew that when he popped the question he would make it super special. He organized a trip over to Perth, Western Australia for our 4 year anniversary and on the third day we visited the wonderful Perth Zoo. I have been obsessed with elephants for as long as I can remember so the Zoo was definitely what I was looking forward to the most. At the Zoo, there is an elephant show where the elephants do some painting on canvases.

The easel was facing the other way so the audience couldn’t see what they were working on. At the end of the show the ZooKeeper turned the painting around, and on the beautiful painting were the words ‘Alanna will you marry me’.

The colors on the painting were my top 3 favorite colors which Stevie had quizzed me about the week before – he said he needed to know for my birthday present which was coming up. He also bought an elephant to wear which was so sweet! I was absolutely blown away and thinking back I still get teary. We got to keep the painting which will be cherished forever. <3

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