Madeline and Steven

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How We Met

Steven and I first met in our Pastor’s kitchen. My best friend, Alex and I had joined a summer small group together, and Steven and his best friend Michael just happened to join the same group! Alex and Steven already knew each other from our churches worship team, where they both lead worship. So Alex just casually introduced us! Steven would tell you that the first time we met he thought I was gorgeous, yet intimidating.

From then on Steven and I would see each other here and there and exchange a few words. Then one day during our churches 21 days of prayer in August, Steven walked in late, he saw me and rushed in to sit next to a familiar face. Little did he know he sat right in between my mom and I. While we got tickled, he was mortified! During that time of prayer the Lord spoke to me that he would be my husband. I was completely confused because I hardly even knew who he was! Anyway I didn’t think much about it until 2 months later. I started noticing him more and found myself wanting to get to know him. So I went to my friend Alex, asked for his number on November 6, 2015 and we have texted everyday since then.

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how they asked

Our good friend Madalynn (who is an INCREDIBLE photographer) was wanting to take some photos in a few new spots in Tuscaloosa and asked us if we were interested! Of course I was all for it, which was just what Steven and Madalynn were hoping for. So we set the date for April 21st! Earlier that week Madalynn had text me telling me what she wanted me to wear (knowing I would show up in all black if not told otherwise). She picked two dresses that I had, one grey and one white. So on Friday the 21st I drove down to Tuscaloosa and met both Madalynn and Steven. We headed to our first spot which was a flower field.

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Then as the sun started to set we rushed to one last spot Madalynn wanted to get a few shots at. So I changed into my white dress and we headed down a dirt road. Right before we turned a corner Steven stopped me and asked for kiss. Little did I know what was about to happen.

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As we turned the corner there was a bouquet of flowers on a table and a bible with my new name on it. I looked at Steven in complete shock.

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He began to read out of the book of Romans and told me that he wanted our marriage to be built upon the verses he read. We began to walk up a small hill and the next turn we made took my breath away. I immediately began to cry as I looked to see an alter that he and my mom had built. He walked me up to the alter, told me he loved me and that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me.

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He then got down on one knee and asked me to marry him! I of course said YES as he proceeded to put the most breathtaking ring on my finger!

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As we stood there celebrating my family and our closest friends came running down the hill to celebrate us! It was the most magical moment of my entire life. After we took several pictures we headed to a local coffee shop where all of our friends and more family members awaited to celebrate!

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Special Thanks

Madalynn Young
 | Photographer