Jessica and Steven

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How We Met

Steve and I met in college, where we were both playing soccer. Him on the men’s team, me on the women’s. We had the same friends but didn’t date or ever really talk at school. He said “You look really pretty” to me once at a party and that was it. Three years after he graduated, and I had transferred, never thinking I would see this person again, he wrote me a list of 10 reasons why I should let him take me out. The list was curated from cues he had picked up when we first met, and then through mutual friends and social media. We have been together ever since I opened his message 4 years ago.

how they asked

Steve was taking me out to dinner to celebrate a promotion at work to our favorite little place in the city, Tiny’s and the Bar Upstairs. We had gone here for my birthday dinner but it was only for special occasions and this promotion fit the bill! We had an awesome dinner as we knew we would and we were able to sit outside, which is probably my favorite thing in the world. We live in the East Village so we rarely are on the west side to catch the sunset and whenever we are I beg to walk over to the water. He casually slipped in when he got there, lets try to catch the sunset tonight. Dinner had wrapped and we began our stroll to a bench. The entire walk I actually kept saying the words “This is my favorite day.” I coincidentally said it once more when we got to the water’s edge, and he said “I’d hope so.” Then asked me to marry him.

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After tears and laughter, we met my family and some friends at Pier A Harbor House and celebrated for the rest of the night at a picnic table outside!

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Special Thanks

Michael Kremer
 | Photographer