Steven and Megan

How We Met

We met back in high school. We were in the same creative writing class and we were both casts in the school musical. I instantly had a crush on Steven. I was 15 and he was 16 and had a thing for someone else.

We were best friends on and off for nearly two years, even after he graduated. He would ask me for advice about the girls he liked and I would do the same about the boys I liked. Eventually, I had to put our friendship to an end. It was too hard to hear about his endeavors on other girls. Even if I had a boyfriend at the time, I was in love with someone else.

Steven stole my first kiss from me my junior year of high school in homeroom. We had been talking that morning, and out of nowhere he grabbed my face and kissed me. Took me completely by surprise.

Eventually, we fell out of rhythm. I was crazy about him and it was getting hard to hear about his other girlfriends. We agreed to stop talking.

I didn’t see him for a long time. He came to my last show in high school; I was the lead and didn’t know he’d be there. After the show ended he was the first person I saw after getting off stage. He smiled at me but we didn’t speak besides a quick “you did a good job.”

My first week away at college, he texted me out of nowhere, for the first time in months. He told me he had been in love with me this whole time but never realized it until now. He wanted to see me that weekend. So I made my mom come pick me up from school right after my last class on Friday and I went on our date.

It was September but still warm. He picked me up in his white pick up truck and after a short hello, he asked: “Do you know of any drive-thru chapels around here?”

We had a good time but I was determined not to let him kiss me because I didn’t want to get involved if he was just going to change his mind later.

Luckily, he kissed me anyway. We agreed to see each other again and were exclusive within a week. We made it “Facebook official” and I was so surprised to see comments of “finally,” “took you guys long enough,” and “I knew it.”

How They Asked

It’s been more than four years since then and we have had our fair share of ups, downs, and rock-bottoms. But we stick together and we love each other. We aren’t ones to believe in fate and destiny, but it’s hard to deny that we are soul mates. He finally proposed to me for real on Christmas Eve 2018 in front of my parents, sisters, and aunt and uncle. It was more perfect than I ever could have imagined. We had been shopping at the outlets in the morning and I was trying on some of the new clothes I bought. He said that we should take some pictures. After a few, he said, “let’s do one more” and got down on one knee. I cried for hours afterward. It was everything I could have hoped for.

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