Lindsey and Steven

How We Met

We both are from the Midwest. I am from Minnesota and he is from Wisconsin. In 2014 we met at a college party at Winona State University in MN that a mutual friend was hosting. We were actually seeing other people at the time, and didn’t spend to much time together. Steve was living in Las Vegas and in January 2015 I traveled to Las Vegas with a mutual friend of ours and we reconnected there. We were both single at the time and decided to keep in touch. Over the months we got really close and started dating. I traveled to Las Vegas often to see him. June of 2015 I moved to Las Vegas and started my nursing career here in Las Vegas. We started traveling the world together and really formed a bond between the two of us.

how they asked

In February 2017, Steve planned a weekend trip to Tonopah, NV for us to go stargazing. There is minimal light and hardly any people, the perfect place for stargazing. We were laying under the stars wrapped up in our blankets because it was very cold that night. I was very cold and was a little bit scared because we were so isolated there and it was very dark, so we went back to our hotel room. Steve proposed to me in our hotel room, but the original plan was to do it under the stars. So to make a long story short I slightly ruined our proposal, but as Steve says “you wouldn’t be you if you didn’t ruin all my surprises for you!”. It doesn’t matter where or how our proposal happened, the most important part is that I get to spend the rest of my life with my best friend and love of my life.

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