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Really, the video tells it all. I had known that I was going to propose at Machu Picchu since we started talking about the trip fairly on in our relationship. Finally, the time was right, the ring was purchased, the flights were booked and we were on our way. Traveling around Peru with a ring in your backpack is certainly a scary experience. In your mind, EVERYONE knows that you have this valuable piece of jewelry with you and your bag is a target! After several days enjoying Peru, we finally made it to the gem of our trip – Macchu Picchu. The night before, our guide told us that we should meet super early in the morning to be the first ones in (which sounded great to me). He started by saying to meet at 4:45 and switched it to 4:30. So, we wake up, go down to the lobby of our hotel and wait for Miguel. We were probably five minute early. Time starts ticking away and 4:45 comes around and we decided to go without our guide to the bus line. We tried calling, skyping, what’s apping, and texting him but Miguel was nowhere to be found – AND he had our entry tickets to get onto the bus up to MP. After some Spanish conversations with the people that worked there, we were able to get some reprints and we were on our way, abandoning out guide. Without the guide there, I moved up my plans to propose a little bit earlier. I set up a tripod as if I were taking photos on the scenery, and switched my camera into video mode. That’s when I proposed, and the rest is history. So, you may be wondering about Miguel. Well, he was up late drinking the night before and we finally caught up with him a few hours later. Miguel sleeping in was actually incredibly helpful as it wound up raining later that day, so I was able to propose during the best part of the day.

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