Steven and Alyssa

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How We Met

We went to high school together, but we did not cross paths because our graduating class was about 600. While he lived in Tennessee for work, I found out that I worked with someone he went to college with and that’s when it all began. He came home for a week, the week of his birthday. We had our first date the day he came home and on the day he left he asked me to be his girlfriend. We dated for 4 months long distance, he was in Tennessee and I was in Pennsylvania. We saw each other about once a month, but that first week together was all we needed to know it was going to be the start of a beautiful journey together. After 6 months together, we moved to Texas for his new job. It has been the most amazing journey ever since.

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how they asked

Last week we took our first vacation together to Cabo San Lucas. We have previously talked about engagement, as I have been continuously helping my friends and their boyfriends plan proposals, however I thought it was no where close to being my time. Sure, going to a beautiful beach I had my hopes; but I had thought there was no way he had asked my dad (since we live in Texas and has only gone home twice with me by his side all of the time) and thought there was no way he had even had a chance to look at any rings because he works a lot. To my surprise, the second night we were there – IT HAPPENED!! I love to watch the sunsets. I also love to take pictures. So naturally taking a picture on the beach in front of a sunset is very normal for me. I was even the one who asked a bystander to take a photo. After what I thought was two normal photos, he turned to me and said “you know how much I love you, right?” And sure enough with that he got down on one knee and pulled out a beautiful ring! He had apparently asked my parents without my knowing and clearly also found the time to go ring shopping. We spent the rest of our vacation on a honeymoon for the engagement! A week later and I still can’t even believe it!

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