Sheri and Steve

how they asked: We were vacationing in Vegas with another couple. A much needed get away. We arrived on Sunday Aug. 9th and headed straight for the pool. The other couple kept raving about the water light show at The Bellagio Hotel and how beautiful it was at night. As it grew dark outside, we headed to the light show. Our friends were determined to find a blank area along the wall where people were’t all crowded around. To our luck, we found one.

Still clueless, I began taking pictures and video of the light show. Celine Dion’s My Heart Will Go On was playing. I looked over at him and he looked as if he were sea sick. I asked if he as ok and he nodded. He kissed me, said ” I love you”, and got down on one knee.

Image 1 of Sheri and Steve

Just as the show was at its highest point. Without hesitation I said “yes!!” I looked around and our friends got the whole thing on camera!! Thank goodness for them. And the rest is history……

Image 2 of Sheri and Steve