Samantha and Steve

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How We Met

We met while working for a company based out of Indiana from our remote locations. I was working out of Philadelphia and Steve was working out of Charlotte. At the time, I had been working for this company for about a year and there were some new sales representatives starting. There was a meeting in Denver for the sales team to connect and present on their territories. One of the “new guys” at the meeting was Steve. He got my attention almost immediately. Fast-forward a few years, we ended up talking at another meeting and really connected. We were together ever since. We dated long distance for a year, but eventually Steve moved to Philadelphia as his act of chivalry. We ultimately deceived to move to Nashville together.

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how they asked:

At Christmas time I started to look for rings with the help of Samantha’s mom. We agonized for months over the ring. I really wanted to surprise her and catch her off guard. We had been together for over four years at that point, so we were both ready to make it official. When I finally decided on the ring, I made dinner reservations at our favorite restaurant. While we were getting ready we were listening to a Pandora station and a song came on that brought Samantha to tears. As we listened she said, “I want this song to be our wedding song one day”. When we got back to the house I had the song playing, champagne, roses and our dog Oliver there waiting.

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After all of the work we did on the ring she said “yes” before she even saw it. We stayed up all night talking and went out for brunch the next day to celebrate.

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