Steve and Deone

How We Met

We met at our Church In Riverside.

how they asked

First I must say that Deone does not skip a beat!  She is a very curious and detail-oriented young lady who notices if one thing is out of place in a room!  That being said, one can imagine the careful planning that this had to take…

Months before the date, I approached my best friend (Amy) and asked her to bring up Disneyland to Deone.  I asked Amy to pretend she had received free tickets to Disneyland and that she wanted the four of us to her (Amy, her husband, Deone and myself).  Without a second thought she agreed and we all made our plans to go in the coming months.

Deone started giving me a hard time in the following months.  I could tell she was frustrated that we had been friend for a few years, dated for a couple, and I still had not asked for her hand in marriage.  Knowing that I was going to propose in the next few months, I would escalate the encounters in order to lead he astray/frustrate her.

I’m a HUGE family man.  Priority over everything is family.  She knew that about me, so I came up with a plan to subtly lead her to believe that I would be proposing near Thanksgiving.  This year, both sides of the families were going to be getting together and sharing a meal.  Once those plans were set, I “leaned heavy” into that idea.  I would randomly bring up my excitement that both our families would be together, eating and having a good time.  “What a perfect and memorable time it will be!” I would mention.  I could see a smirk every time.  I knew I had her!

Up until this point, I knew where and when…but I had no idea HOW.  I wanted to do something original that she would remember for the rest of her life.  I was not until the day before that I realized how I would do it!  Sitting in church on Saturday morning, I was speaking with some friends and we decided to take a selfie.  At that point it hit me…A Selfie proposal!!!!  in this day in age, Selfie is KING…What more memorable way to do it than to time stamp the proposal!

The big day had arrived and, we met at Disneyland with Amy and her husband.  We made our plans to meet in the early morning and spent the first half of the day on rides.  The original plan was to propose in front of the Castle.  But be it my luck, there was some type of special event and it was closed off!  There was a stage and everything!!!!  This threw the entire plan out of control and there was nothing I could do about it, considering Deone was next to me the entire time.  Fortunately, my family had secretly arrived to the Magical Kingdom shortly after we did, in order to prep/set up with the photographer.  This bought them enough time to set up a different location for the proposal…This turned out better than my original plan!

Amy mentioned that she had an out of town friend who happened to be at Disneyland.  They would meet up to say hello, and then meet back up with us.  (This was the point where she was meeting with my mom, dad, sister and brother in law in order to meet up and wait for us to arrive).  We took a bathroom detour (which I had to extend as per the request of the family) and headed over the location at the “Sword in the Stone”.

The photographer was set in place, and I approached her and asked for a picture by the sword.  At that point, she immediately began to control our attention, meanwhile my family was lining up behind us with the signs they had prepared the week before.  I immediately noticed the flow of the crowd stop and stare in our direction, smiling and gasping.  It was time!

I had my phone ready to go…I whispered in Deone’s ear…”let’s take a selfie, you know we aren’t paying for these pictures”…



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