Steve and Brittany's Proposal in Chicago

Chicago Marriage Proposal Ideas_3How They Met: Steve and I met on in February 2013, just after Valentine’s Day. We hit it off immediately and continued to date for the next month or so; however, I was not ready for commitment and we parted ways. We stayed friends on Facebook and from time to time Steve would send me the sweetest messages. He would remind me about how smart I was (I was in grad school at the time) and he would send me encouraging quotes, which I really enjoyed. In November of 2013, on Thanksgiving Day, Steve sent another sweet message wishing me a happy, restful holiday. It was as though something hit me over the head and said, “Brittany, what are you doing? This guy is wonderful and he is everything you have been praying for and wanting.” I replied to Steve’s message with an invite to catch up over coffee sometime soon and we agreed to meet the following Wednesday on December 4, 2013. I drank my coffee and he drank his hot chocolate and we caught each other up on what we had been up to over the last 7 or 8 months. Finally, I told him the REAL reason why I invited him to meet up…it was because I realized that he is a wonderful man and has many qualities that I am looking for in someone, and I asked him if he would be willing to give us a second chance. He agreed and that was it, we have been together ever since. Soon after Christmas we confessed our love for each other and began making plans for our future together.

how they asked: On March 19, 2014 Steve and I set out to spend the day in Chicago. I had gotten him tickets to the Chicago Blackhawks game that night for Valentine’s Day and I made dinner reservations before the game at Gibson’s Steakhouse. Little did I know that Steve was making plans of his own. As we were getting into the city Steve told me that he made plans with my friend Emily, who is a photographer, to meet up with us and take some pictures. I was completely and pleasantly surprised and wondered what was going on. We met Emily at Adler Planetarium and she started to take pictures of us along the water; despite the rain, it was a beautiful day. After a couple of photos, Steve got down on one knee and asked me to marry him, to which I elatedly said, “YES!” It was one of the best days of our entire lives! We spent the rest of the morning with Emily shooting our engagement pictures, which turned out simply amazing. We got married on June 28, 2014, which the other best day of our lives. We are so thankful to have found each other and we give God all of the glory for the match HE made in heaven.

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Photographer: Hey Sisters! Photography