Stephen and Morgan

How We Met

We’re native Arizonans (US) and fell in love over our shared love of good food, traveling and our children.

How They Asked

Well, we’re big travelers and London is one of our all-time favorite spots to visit. So Stephen and I planned a great Christmas trip before the holiday season really kicked off. I got dressed up as we were going on what I believed to be a nice trip on the London Eye and dinner after.

Stephen and Morgan's Engagement in The London Eye

We boarded our pod as part of our London tour, and I didn’t have the slightest idea about what was about to happen! At the highest point of the journey, we were taking in the views with the other ‘tourists’ when suddenly they all start singing along to someone playing ‘Safety Suit’ on the guitar – which is our song! Then all of a sudden whilst I’m trying to work out what happened, all the tourists opened up their jackets and had t-shirts on saying ‘WILL YOU MARRY ME MORGAN?’ then as I looked around he was on one knee!

I honestly was in shock! I couldn’t control myself, I’ve never been so shocked it was beautiful – felt so perfect.

Then, he had even more surprises – on the way to dinner he handed me roses with notes tied to them which were our promises to each other. And dinner? Well, he had (with a little help) booked a private dining room in the Shangri-La at The Shard, which the girls had decorated the entire room with candles, rose petals, photos of us and flowers – it was gorgeous, I started crying again!

Engagement Proposal Ideas in The London Eye

Wedding Proposal Ideas in The London Eye

Proposal Ideas The London Eye

Marriage Proposal Ideas in The London Eye

We sat having our own private dinner, with music playing and looking at the most amazing views of London. I am still in shock now, but it was the best early Christmas present I’ve ever got – I can assure you!

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