Stephen and Katrina

How We Met

Stephen and I met on August 28th, 2016, we both were set up through a mutual family friend, whom I will forever be indebted to because she introduced me to the love of my life!

I showed up at our mutual family friend’s house for a BBQ, as I walked into her home, I was already nervous, as I have never been set up before, let alone a blind date. Stephen had not arrived yet, so I was first introduced to his mother, she was so kind, and we immediately began to talk with one another as if we have known each other our entire lives, easing my nervous jitters. His mother and I both went into the kitchen to pour ourselves some beer, and his mother accidentally dropped a beer mug, we both started to clean up the mess, making sure there was no glass on the floor, I was about to finish, and that is when I heard the front door open, and Stephen’s voice say “hello everybody.” I immediately felt my face get red, and I was so nervous, at this point all the glass pieces were already picked up from the floor, but I was too nervous to look up and I knew my face was red, so I kept cleaning the floor knowing that I had already picked up all the glass pieces. Then, he came into the room, I looked up at him, and at that moment, I knew all my prayers were answered, and he was the one, and the rest is history!

Marriage Proposal Ideas in El Farito Beach

How They Asked

We started the day by having breakfast on the beach with my sister. Afterwards, my sister offered to take some photos of us together by the water since she’s a photographer I didn’t’ think twice about it.

We were walking hand and hand, and my sister was behind us with her camera. I was too worried about how hot it was outside and way too focused on Stephen and I’s conversation, that I didn’t realize that the path we had been walking on the last 10-15 minutes was taking us to “El Farito” aka “The Lighthouse,” a well-known place by all Miamian’s.

This lighthouse and the beach surrounding it has significance to us, we both would go here as little kids with our families, and it was a place that reminded Stephen of his late grandfather. His grandfather is his “lighthouse,” he guides him through the most difficult times, and he is always able to see and feel his grandfather’s light no matter where he is. This place was so significant to Stephen that he recently got the lighthouse tattooed on his forearm, with its coordinates. So I started to tell him how we should take pictures in front of the lighthouse, he agreed and we continued to walk towards the lighthouse.

He then started to talk about his grandfather, and how this place always brought him peace, and happiness as it reminded him of his grandfather. I was already emotional at this point because anything that had to do with his grandfather, would make me cry because I was unable to meet him, and he played such a huge role in making Stephen the amazing man that he is today.

Little did I know, that this was the beginning of his proposal speech. He went on to talk about how he wished I could have met his grandfather, and how he had been coming to this spot for months, without telling me, to talk to his grandfather, about me. Talking about his grandfather was normal for him, so I still didn’t think anything was out of the ordinary…yet.

As we turned the corner with the lighthouse behind us, I asked my sister to hold my purse and take photos of us with the lighthouse behind us. We began to take photos, looking at the lighthouse and posing, and all of a sudden, we stopped posing for photos, and Stephen turned to look at me, and told me, “I brought you here today because I wanted to make sure that my grandfather was here with us, as I ask you to spend the rest of your life with me, will you marry me?” Of course, I don’t even really know what else he said and in what order, because I was overwhelmed with emotions, that I started to cry. When I opened my eyes, he was down on one knee with the ring [my dream ring by the way]. After a few seconds (which felt like forever because time stood still for me at that moment) I told him “of course, yes,” (I was still crying of course).

Stephen and Katrina's Engagement in El Farito Beach

He placed the ring on my finger, and we embraced. At that point, I was still crying, and he told me I have one more surprise for you, he pointed down the end of the walkway and both of our families, and closest friends were at the end of it, waiting to congratulate us and of course cry with us. It was such a beautiful moment to be able to see everyone had come there to see us and to celebrate our special moment. But our day was just beginning as he had set up an entire engagement party for us, and everyone had been waiting to celebrate our engagement!

My proposal was perfect, I was completely surprised and at a place that was so special and significant to both of us. I am so happy that I went to that BBQ 3 years ago and so thrilled that we get to spend the rest of our lives together!

Special Thanks

Michelle Restani
 | Planning
Jocelyn Longaray
 | Planning
Odalys Collazo
 | Planning
Rebecca Restani
 | Photography