Stephen and Elizabeth

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Chilliwack Corn Maze

How We Met

We met working at a local restaurant. I had a boyfriend at the time so I never really saw him as anything more than a coworker. It wasn’t until after I was single and I would stay after my shift to eat at the bar that we even actually had a conversation that was not about work. Soon I was staying every night to sit at his bar, he would make me a different nonalcoholic drink every night. I never asked what was in any of them and honestly, I don’t think he did either, just tossing together different juices.

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With my oh so amazing social skills I informed him that I was determined to make him my friend, which now sounds a little creepy. That summer he had volunteered at his church’s VBS with the kids and I was doing an internship with the daycare at my church, so we would swap cute stories about the kids.Eventually, I realized I had developed a major crush on the guy, and little did I know he had already told his best friend he planned on marrying me one day.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Chilliwack Corn Maze

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Stephen's Proposal in Chilliwack Corn Maze

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Steve managed to play it cool, while I entrusted the help of a coworker and some of the regulars to talk him into asking me out. Of course, he had to act uninterested and I basically had to beg him to go out with me. Smart guy. I was fearful of committing to anything too serious after my not so great history of exes, so Steve then decided to use some Jedi mind tricks he had picked up in a University psychology class and somehow again I was chasing him. We officially started dating in the fall and our first outing as a couple was to a corn maze. We work perfectly because we are both down to earth, not materialistic, love adventures, Jesus, fall, and binge-watching with some chip dip.

how they asked

At the beginning of October, I was fully ready for fall, sending Steve lists of what fall adventures I wanted to accomplish, one of those was to go to the Chilliwack Corn Maze. I have gone there every year since preschool, except for the year I was away on a mission’s trip in Haiti, and the first year we were dating because we tried out a different corn maze. I had so many memories at that farm and wanted to share it with my favorite person. He suggested we book off a day to go because we both work nights.

About a week later he started telling me about some guy who was giving him investing advice about bitcoin and all these sketchy sounding deals. My first thought was to tell him that it sounded ridiculous but I wanted to be supportive so I encouraged him to take the deal if he felt it was something he wanted to do. He even made a new Instagram account to show me to all these investors. Normally I would ask my dad for advice because he is a financial advisor, but he was across the country caring for his sick mother. As soon as my dad came home I showed him the investors Steve had mentioned and my dad suggested to meet with Steve to change his mind. Turns out, this was all an elaborate trick to meet with my father alone to ask his blessing.

The week of the proposal we went to our favorite pumpkin patch and picked out a pumpkin which I had no clue would be a major part of the proposal. Because I had told Steve early on that I would not accept a proposal from anyone I had dated for less than I year I was started to suspect a proposal coming since we had been together over a year. However, the day of I talked myself out of the idea that a proposal could happen that day. There was a huge rain and wind storm so I was not even sure if we could go to the corn maze. My brother just so happened to borrow my car that day so Steve had to pick me up from my class and he was acting completely normal. I thought there was no need to dress up so I downed a box of mac and cheese to myself, did not do my hair and put on the puffiest of snow jackets. My dad had to drive me to the corn maze. (I felt like I was going on a high school date or something.) I was sure that if there was a proposal coming that my dad would give me a classic dad speech about growing up and making good choices, but we just sang along to the radio.

At the corn maze, Steve was totally normal, we went through 2 mazes and he did not seem distracted or in a rush. After we had completed the corn mazes we found shelter from the weather inside the barn. We checked out all of the activities, I gushed over adorable bunnies and we even took a selfie in front of the hay maze. The hay maze cleared of children so we decided to enter it ourselves. I was just so excited to jump of bales of hay I did not notice anything out of the ordinary. When I finally stopped jumping about Steve pointed out some string lights on the wall. (I am obsessed with string lights. I have covered his room in them, and every time we go camping I fill our tent with them.) I did not pay much attention because I only really ooh and ahh when string lights are turned on.

“I wonder if these turn on?” he said, then before I could give it any thought he pressed a button on the wall and the entire barn went dark and only the string lights lit up. I had no clue how he did it and went into shock because I knew something must be happening. He set up his camera to film us and he turned around with a pumpkin that said: “WILL YOU MARRY ME?” (The same pumpkin from the pumpkin patch.) He got down on one knee and said he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me, grow old with me, and have children with me. I remembered that the only job I had to do was say yes, but in the moment all that came out was “of course!” We already started hugging when he realized he had not even opened the ring box so he got back down on one knee, showed me the ring and placed it on my finger.

Turns out the owners of the corn maze were in on the whole thing, and so was his mom who helped him set everything up. We went out for dinner after and the waitress offered us free cake to congratulate us, Steve was about to turn it down when I told him if I was going to be his wife he can never turn down free cake.

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