Stephen and Abigail

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How We Met

How we met? We don’t remember ever not knowing each other? As far back as my memory goes, I’ve known Stephen since we were 5 years old. We were in the same kindergarten class, our parents bowled in a league at the same bowling alley, and we are from a very small town. In kindergarten I chased Stephen around the playground, but he never let me catch him. Into older elementary he never liked me back because he thought my height was unattractive. (At full grown I am under 4’11” and he is 6’2″). Half way through 6th grade I moved to a different school a few counties away. We would catch up every once in a while on AIM, but that was it. In 7th grade we held hands at our county fair and needless to say I was psyched. But, still nothing came of it after that night. In 8th grade I moved to yet another school. Our Junior year of high school we saw each other at my school’s track invitational. We briefly said hi and carried on. After high school Stephen went on to Boston University for his 4 year degree, and he was in a relationship. I never went to college but I was in a relationship with someone as well. So, that being said, we did not talk for about 4 to 5 years.

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December 10th, 2015 my phone shows a Facebook message notification, and I was surprised that it was Stephen. We were both recently out of our respective relationships and as old friends we met up at our local Buffalo Wild Wings at 10 pm and stayed and talked until closing. From that night on we were inseparable. At the end of the night, Stephen asked to go out with him tomorrow for dinner and a movie. We ate way too much food and I kid you not we laughed and smiled so much our cheeks were in pain. January 7, 2016, I became his girlfriend, and he FINALLY let me catch him.

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how they asked

We went on a vacation with my parents to OBX (Outer Banks, NC). The day of the proposal we boarded a ferry to go to Ocracoke Island. We rented a golf cart and explored the island with my parents, looking at different shops and eating ice cream. I have a pre-existing back condition that decided to flare that day so my dad rushed to get me a TENS unit out of his truck as well a back brace so I had some support. After about 15 minutes of TENS therapy we were able to finish up seeing everything we wanted to see before heading back to Hatteras. On the ferry back I laid down, with my head on Stephen’s lap and fell asleep, tired from a day in the sun and back pain. During this time Stephen, my mom, and my dad became sneaky. He prompted my mom to go to the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse, and she quietly prompted my dad with the address. When we’re back in Hatteras and off the ferry I woke up thinking we were heading back to our beach house.

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Then I hear Stephen say “Oh, cool look at that lighthouse.” and i’m thinking I spent the day in pain and last thing I wanted to do was look at another attraction. But my mom said “Oh, it’s right here so we might as well go see it.” My mom asked Stephen if he wanted her to hold his wallet. And when I got out to walk toward the lighthouse my mom had slipped Stephen the ring box, which had been in her purse the entire time waiting for Stephen to cue that he was ready. So, I get out of the truck and I gingerly walk toward the lighthouse with the bulky TENS unit still attached to my back and the brace. I was not feeling especially pretty to say the least. Then all of a sudden Stephen turns serious (which is very unlike him) and my parents are standing a decent distance in front of us, and he drops to one knee, says my full name, then a bunch of stuff neither one of us can remember, and asked me to be his wife.

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Our wedding is October 6th, 2018. And I will become Mrs. Stephen Ross Bahr Jr.

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