Stephany and Fernando

Image 1 of Stephany and Fernando

How We Met: Fernando and I had been neighbors for a few years but never spoke more than a few words to each other. Every now and then we would say “hello” and “how are you” but that was the extent of our conversations. In high school I thought Fernando was kind of arrogant and he thought that I was stuck-up, so those pre-judgmental thoughts are what prevented us from ever attempting to have a friendship. As time went on we began to run into each other more often and one night my sister (Leslie) asked me to go to a party with her and her friends so I went.

Turns out that the party was actually for Fernando’s cousin. We both greeted each other and ended up hanging out for the entire night. That was when we had our first kiss. After that party Fernando would reach out to me and ask me if I wanted to grab a coffee with him. We were both freshly out of our last relationships and I did not want to start a new one so I would always come up with an excuse on why I could not go. He soon got the idea and stopped asking.

Months had passed by and we resumed our casual “hello’s” and “how are you’s?” but then I got word that he was telling a mutual friend that I am the one who came onto him that night (he still believes that to this day…he might be right)! So I confronted him about it and he told me it was true and we began to go back and forth with that. Then the next day he sent me a private message on Myspace asking me why we were not friends. I told him I did not know why and he said that we should change that and I agreed.

That weekend I was having a get together with some friends of mine at my house and when I had enough liquid courage I called him and asked if he wanted to join. He said yes and we sat and talked about our hopes and dreams the whole night. It was in that moment that we realized how easy it was for us to open up to each other and how uncommon it was for either of us to do so. That night we had our second kiss and 7 years later he is still the only one I want to kiss.

how they asked: Fernando had been teasing me about my upcoming birthday for a few weeks before. He kept telling me things like “Babe…do you realize you’re going to be a quarter of a century old!” and I would just sit there and think “Oh my gosh I am”. Fernando then would ask me what I wanted to do to celebrate and I had first mentioned going out dancing with him and my close friends he said yes but then he suggested going to brunch with him and just my family. I ended thinking that was the better idea because I worked that weekend and realized I would be too tired for dancing afterwords.

So it was set September 13, 2015 we would go to brunch with him and my family. Then he texted me one day saying “sooo your mom saw my mom outside and kind of invited her to your birthday brunch..” and I told him that was fine but to make sure and invite his brothers family as well as his sisters family and he did. Fernando told me how at that time he and his parents were sitting in my living room with my parents Fernando had just finished asking for my parents blessing and they said yes (after my dad received a thorough explanation of Fernando’s plan).

I did not suspect a thing because my nerves were coming from having both our families together like that for the first time. It was a beautiful Sunday morning and Fernando and I were the first to leave because we wanted to make sure the reservations were correct. As everyone started arriving the more nervous I grew and Fernando had said that he was nervous for that too…he wasn’t.

As soon as everyone settled into a seat everything went well I my nerves eased when I saw both our families interacting and they completely disappeared when I kept hearing laughter. When brunch was over I kept looking outside and how beautiful the view was from where we were sitting and Fernando told me how the waitress said we can take pictures outside sense it was my birthday.

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I immediately got excited because it was a special moment for me to have both our families there together. As we posed with everyone and then individual families it was time for Fernando and I to take our photo. Conveniently enough and they counted down for the picture 3…2..1. Fernando dropped to one knee and asked me if I would MARRY HIM!

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I was shocked and had to keep asking him “if he’s kidding” just to make sure…I could not believe what was going on and was soon flooded with emotion to where I could only let out a whisper saying “Yes!”

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