Stephanie and Wellington

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How We Met: I had just moved back to NYC from Florida and I was rooming with my cousin who convinced me to sign up for an online dating website. I wasn’t looking for love, just maybe a few free meals lol… Will messaged me like two weeks after signing up, and although he is a good looking man, it wasn’t quite his picture that caught my attention but this blurb on his profile about what he would do for a first date:

“We would ride an NYC subway from the first stop to the last stop making fun of people and trying to steal some wallets while we’re there and possibly in between more congested spots, stop and do a 2 person puppet show using our socks and a box we found on 42st. We would then take the money we earned doing our puppet show and I would take you our for a drink because we only made 10 dollars and most of it was in nickels….”

I immediately knew I had to meet this guy. So I messaged him back and we spoke for about month before we finally decided to meet in person. On our first date, I made sure this meet him in a public place (hey, you never know, he still could’ve been a serial killer!) We went out to eat dinner and then went bowling. I remember coming home that night with pain in my cheeks from laughing so much. I think we literally laughed all night. I know it’s a bit cliche but it was like we had always known each other. It was one of the best nights of my life!

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how they asked: We had both discussed a proposal several times in the past. There were two things that I asked of him, 1) to make sure either my family would be present for the proposal or keep it as an intimate moments between him and I, and 2) make sure I look fabulous for any pictures. And he didn’t fail me!

We both live in NYC but the majority of my family lives in Florida. So for my 30th birthday I decided to do a party in Florida so that I could celebrate it with my family, whom I am very close with. The morning of my party I still hadn’t found a dress to wear for that night. I was going a little crazy so he took me to the mall and helped me pick out the perfect dress and entire outfit (even down to my accessories). I wanted to be a part of every single moment of planning my party. I’m a bit of a control freak. The day of the party I wanted so bad to decorate the venue but him and my mother wouldn’t allow me to go and help, so I stayed home, upset because I thought they wouldn’t decorate as good I wanted to! Little did I know that it would turn out to be the most beautiful night of my life. So fast forward 8 hours at my party. I was sitting with my friends catching up, when Will picks up the mic and announces he has a surprise for me…and in walks the Flannigan High School drum line and my heart immediately dropped… He had always jokingly said that when he proposed to me he would hire a marching band, I honestly always thought he was joking. After a few sets he raised a glass and said a little toast for me. He then asked for a drumroll and dropped to one knee and asked me to be his wife.

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Dress by: SewTrendyAccessories, Marilyn Gown
Headpiece: AdorningBeautyCo
Photos by: Stephanie Lora