Stephanie and Ryan

How We Met

Ryan and I went to different high schools and met during our senior year. (SO TINY!!!)

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At the time, I was in an ACT class trying to get a better score for college. I had met someone in the class and he had asked me if I wanted to go downtown to hang out. I had said yes and thank goodness I did! I went downtown to meet up with him and he had brought a friend, Ryan. I think time stopped the second I walked into the local coffee shop and I saw Ryan’s face. I was instantly attracted to him and I had no idea this whole thing was set up. After that night, we started talking and we haven’t looked back since. Little did I know, Ryan was the one who set up the night we met after he saw my picture on Facebook. We spent the summer before college going to each other’s prom….Graduation parties….and falling madly in love with each other.

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Stephanie and Ryan's Engagement in Detroit, MI

Ryan has been so selfless and loving from the second I met him. He always is supporting and encouraging me through the hard times and is always there to remind me that no matter what happens, God is in control and He is the real reason we are together. Ryan attended Oakland University and for most of my college career I was at Western Michigan. We spent our college years finding ourselves individually but growing together and knowing that some day, we would get married.

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At times, we feel crazy because we are so young, but so in love and so sure that this is what God wants for us and our lives together.

how they asked

Christmas has always been so special to each of us and we were excited to spend our fourth Christmas together. We are both really close to our families, and holidays together are filled with love and food. This Christmas there was extra excitement as we were celebrating Ryan graduating and getting a job as a Detroit Police officer.

However in the midst of all the excitement, he yet again, had something else planned. My family from Wisconsin was coming to celebrate Christmas and I was looking forward to time spent with them and sharing the holiday together. My family had planned various holiday activities and one of those was going downtown Detroit to see the tree and possibly go ice-skating. We had gone out to eat and then headed down to Detroit. While we were walking, I was getting a cold and really just wanted to go back home, snuggle up, watch a Christmas movie, and drink some hot chocolate. But despite the cold, the tree was beautiful and this was the last night I got to spend with my out of town family. As we were standing there, Ryan said we should take a picture in front of the tree, as we had in previous years.

(December 2014) (December 2016) My cousin said she would take the picture and as we were standing there, he slowly got down on one knee. Just like when we first met, time stopped as Ryan asked me to spend the rest of my life with him. My heart was racing and all I could do was smile, say “yes, yes, yes” and then cry.

He placed the most beautiful ring on my hand and my family was right there to celebrate the most magical night.

December 29, 2016 was a night I’ll never forget and I cannot wait till December 29, 2017!

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