Stephanie and Michael

How we Met

We met through friends who were very persistent about us getting together. The first time we hung out was at a group trivia night. No one even mentioned that he was the guy they wanted me to meet. He was very cute and quiet across the table and I wished I had a chance to talk to him more. We hung out in a group setting a few times and then finally went on our first date. We went to an Italian restaurant, my favorite. After our first kiss I knew he was the one. My family loves him and his family loves me. After dating him for a while I also fell in love with his puppy, Mac, who he loves like crazy and for Valentine’s Day last year he got me my first puppy, Ella. Now we are one big happy family.

how they asked

On May 26, 2017 Mike took the day off of work to hear me sing in my work talent show. A few days ahead of time he told me we’re going out to dinner after my performance. He asked about certain restaurants located close to my job and he picked Chicago Prime. We went to an earlier dinner and when we got there for our reservation we got our table right away. We were in the back room, and the only table; that I later found out was his request. We ordered a nice bottle of wine and said a toast; I said, “Here’s to a good dinner” and he said, “And…” Then I said, “Here’s to time together” and he said, “And….” I said, “Here’s to forever!” Then with trembling hands he got down on his knee while pulling the most gorgeous ring out of his pocket and asking me to marry him. His eyes were teary and I immediately responded, “Yes.” It was the best surprise EVER!

After the proposal he arranged for us to have a champagne toast with my family. We drove to their house and I showed off the ring while we hugged and kissed and celebrated. My parents were ecstatic and my mom kept asking to see my ring. I called everyone I could think of to share the great news and we went through two bottles of champagne. To say the least everyone was thrilled!

Special Thanks

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 | photographer