Stephanie and Cody

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Waco Escape Rooms

How We Met

We met lifeguarding in the summer of 2010 at a small town city pool in Texas. Cody claims I kept breaking things at the pool all summer so I could have him help me fix it–there may be some slight truth to this! I had just graduated from high school and he just completed his Freshman year at Baylor University. Conveniently, I already had plans to attend Baylor in the fall! I was a Baylor cheerleader and Cody was on Baylor’s football team. We ended up just staying friends through college, and began dating once we graduated from Baylor in 2013!

how they asked

Five years and two dogs later, the proposal finally came! It was my birthday weekend and Cody took me to the Waco Escape Rooms to attempt the “Dinner For Two” room. We had to find clues, solve puzzles, and crack codes. We finally figure out the code combination to this one safe, and inside is a large white box. I pull it out, open it up, and see a ring box inside. I turn around to find Cody down on one knee and popping the question! All of our family and friends were there to surprise me when we came out of the room. That was the easiest “yes” of my life and we can’t wait to start our next adventure together!!

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Waco Escape Rooms

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