Stephanie-Ann and Matthew

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How We Met

Matt and I leveraged technology and met on an online dating site. We were both inactive on the site, but it was his question of “What do you do in creative marketing?” that started it all. One day, he asked me about the types of projects I did at work. I told him that I needed to create a social media strategy for the company. He asked me a few questions about the scope of the project. 5 minutes later, he texted me an entire social media strategy that would be effective for the target audience. That’s when I knew he was someone I’d like to meet. In return for the social media consultation, he told me that I could repay him with dinner. Well, we went on that date, and although I owed him dinner, he still picked up the tab.

1 and a half years later, Matt asked me for my hand in marriage.


how they asked

December 12, 2015. The Winter sky was blue and the changing leaves swayed happily in the wind. Matt and I had a Christmas dinner to attend that evening, but in order to avoid traffic from Santa Monica to Downtown LA, he suggested we take a detour and enjoy the crisp winter weather at the beautiful gardens of the Getty Museum. He mentioned that we should bring our books to read in the garden and relax before dinner. I happily agreed.

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We arrived at the Getty around 4:30 p.m. I noticed that new exhibitions were showing, and wanted to view them, but Matt kept asking how we get to the gardens. But in reality, I too, was eager to get situated in the gardens so I could read my book before the sun set. Once we got there, we stopped at the railing overlooking the pond sculpture. We paused and I asked “Do you remember when I made a wish the first time we visited and my coin magically landed in the center of that big pond? Do you think my wish will come true?” Matt, without knowing my wish, replied “Maybe”.

Afterwards, Matt looked toward the right to an aisle of three benches with a view of the pond sculpture. All three benches were surprisingly empty, so he asked me where I wanted to sit. I naturally chose the middle bench. We made our way to the bench and sat. I couldn’t help but be in awe of how empty the place was and how refreshing it felt to be outdoors. He took out both of our books from his computer bag. I grabbed mine and immediately started reading. At that moment, Matt was a bit fidgety. He grabbed his water bottle and took a sip of water. A minute later, he brought out a set of headphones, and then a second set. Quickly after that, he took out his ipad, which hadn’t been charged for the past year. But I didn’t think anything of it, because he usually likes to listen to his Spotify stations. A few minutes later I hear, “I actually made a video for you for Christmas, but I finished it early. Do you want to watch it?” I said “Of course!” So I wear the extra set of headphones and start watching the iPad. This is what appeared:

By the end, I couldn’t stop crying and Matt’s arm became drenched with my tears. Tears of vulnerability. Tears of amazement. Tears of joy. I look up as he gets down on one knee, “Will you marry me?”


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Flashback to 1 year earlier. About that wish… Matt and I strolled the amazing gardens of the Getty Museum and I decided to make a wish by throwing a quarter into the pond. I said “If this coin lands in the bullseye, my wish will come true”. And to our surprise, it landed right in the center as if I aimed at it with a bow and arrow. Little did I know, that when I wished I would marry Matthew Zehner, it would be a foreshadowing of what was to come. In my heart, I knew. I just knew…

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