Stephanie and Andrew

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How We Met

Andrew grew up a town away, playing roller hockey at the local church behind my house. I went to private school so I didn’t have many public school friends. Andrew’s cousin, (and one of my only friends from my neighborhood) Emily, mentioned we would get along and Andrew reached out to me by posting on my Facebook wall… asking for my AIM screen name. Haaaa! That was 2008 when I was in 10th grade and Andrew in 12th. The rest is history! Here’s our first photo together and the historical Facebook post.

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how they asked

Because we went ring shopping together, I had a feeling the proposal was coming soon. Our anniversary was a few weeks away, and every day I was antsy. I truly wanted to be surprised but I kept trying to guess when he would pop the question. Thankfully, I was totally caught off guard! My best friend and Maid of Honor, Catherine, was in Boston. She said she came with her boyfriend Dan for him to golf with some friends. While he golfed, we went shopping on Newbury Street. The plan was for the 4 of us to meet for dinner later on. Andrew told us he was running late at work – so Dan told us to meet him and his friends in Charles town. I don’t know Charles town well, so we took an Uber over. The sky was beautiful! And the Zakim Bridge looked really cool against it.

I was in the Uber, making jokes with the driver and Catherine that I did not remember the name of the bridge. The driver tried to tell me it was named after him, as I snapped photos of the sunset. We got out of the Uber and Dan was waiting for us. He said his friends went to the restaurant to get a table. He started to lead us there, through the Paul Revere Park. Again, I am not familiar with Charles town and had never seen this park right along the Charles River by the bridge. I was taking photos nonstop! As he led us through the park, back towards Boston, I questioned him – “Why did you make us come to Charles town if we are walking back to the Boston side?” He said it was the easiest way. I honestly didn’t get suspicious.

He led me past an art instillation called the Charles town Bells. There are chimes set up along the water for you to play a little song. I went for it. Running back and forth, I banged the chimes and was being goofy. I was so distracted by it, and by Catherine starting to film me, I ran almost right into ANDREW! He was dressed up, with a bouquet of roses, and a huge smile on his face. Right then, I knew … it was finally happening!

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The tears came immediately, as I screamed “YOU’RE KIDDING ME!!!” over and over in shock. He really pulled off such a wonderful surprise, with the help of my best friend. I will remember that feeling forever.

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Special Thanks

Eli Santos
 | Photographer and Friend