Stephanie and Will

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Lurie Garden in Chicago, IL

How We Met

Will and I met in the one place I swore I would never meet my future husband…at work. We both worked at a public relations agency and after a few months of subtle flirting via office IM and at our office’s rec league games, he finally worked up the courage (with the help of some liquid courage) to ask me out at our company summer party, of all places. I could already hear the office gossip starting to swirl as I made a quick joke out of the way he asked, but ultimately agreed to a harmless dinner.

It wasn’t long after our first date full of laughter and artisan tacos that I realized that you can find love anywhere: work or elsewhere and to just go with it. And man, am I glad I did.

how they asked

Will and I were planning a staycation at the Chicago Athletic Association in downtown Chicago. We had stayed there a year ago and started to make a tradition out of it. After checking our bags at the front desk, we grabbed coffee and tea and set out to go ice skating at Maggie Daley Park on an unseasonably warm winter day. Lovely, right? Well…

As we strolled through Millennium Park, we reached a spot where the sidewalk split in two directions. Will became insistent that the way to the ice skating rink was one direction (where he planned to propose and a photographer was waiting to capture it), while I knew it was shorter to go the other way. We began to argue about which way to go and continued to argue as we started walking in opposite directions until I finally threw up my arms and said, “you’re being ridiculous!” before begrudgingly following him.

Little did I know, one minute later Will would be on his knee! And there he was, on his knee in a secluded garden in Millennium Park, a spot where our old office, the place that we met, sat in the immediate background. After we exchanged a few sweet, sentimental words, I cried, said “yes!” and we were on our way to lunch at my favorite restaurant with my parents.

Oh, and we did complete the rest of that precious staycation that night, and brought in some of our closest friends to join us after a nice dinner to continue popping the bubbly. It’s safe to say we have been on cloud nine ever since and truly look forward to our wedding in Spring 2019. <3

Special Thanks

Justin Capadocia