Stephanie and Travis

How We Met

Travis and I met through mutual friends, my best friend was actually dating one of his friends from the fire academy. I thought Travis was adorable and something deep down told me he was The One (at 17 years old mind you), but timing wasn’t right. We stayed friends for years, seeing each other randomly at parties and such until one day I saw him at my work 6 years later. My last year of undergrad I started working in an ER as a scribe to gain some experience as I was contemplating going into the medical field, Travis is a paramedic so he walked in with a patient on his gurney and I never felt so happy to get a report in my life. Everytime he came in we would talk more and more, I would hang out with friends knowing he’d be there, and soon we started going out on our own. Even though I knew him for so long, there was so much about him I didn’t know and slowly but surely I fell in love with everything about him.

how they asked

Fast forward to 2 years after we started dating, Travis told me a few weeks before my 25th birthday that he wanted to take me out of town for a day trip and I was super excited. He didn’t tell me where we would go because he wanted it to be a surprise. A few days before my bday trip he asks if my best friend Katrina and her husband (our mutual friends who introduced us at the beginning of my story) could join us on the trip and I said of course, the more the merrier! (They were in on it the whole time!) So on the road to our destination and I figure out we’re going wine tasting in Napa! Which is awesome because I’ve never done that before and always wanted too, but was slightly annoyed because I started working for a winery in my hometown and I didn’t bring my work badge, I wanted to use my industry discount! Well Travis had already booked a tour of this gorgeous castle winery with a private tasting and at the end we buy a few bottles at my discounted price anyways! Score! We had some free time and started walking through the grounds, we find a place that’s not crowded through the vines and my best friend says we should take some cute pictures for my bday. So Travis and I pose and he starts saying all these lovey-dovey things which in my mind I’m like “ok that’s sweet and all but let’s take these pictures”..

He then turns me around and starts speaking to me more seriously and then it hits me! I don’t remember what he said past being his forever because I legit yelled “stop!” multiple times as he was getting down on one knee. Tears are welling up, I’m full of so many emotions right now but just when I think I can still handle myself, he asks me to marry him in my 1st language, Spanish. That’s when I lost it! Gosh I am so lucky, that was the sweetest most romantic thing anyone has ever done for me. We spent the rest of the afternoon calling our parents to let them know, and our phones started blowing up with messages and calls from our dear friends that knew we were now engaged. We opened a bottle of wine we bought and my best friend had a glass ready for me that had “Future Mrs Briar” painted on it! So we drank, we laughed, we cried some more, and we drank, it was perfect. Cheers!