Stephanie and Tony

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How We Met

We both went to the same high school but we didn’t talk or know each other then. We both attended VCU for our undergrad, and we became friends freshmen year, and during our sophomore year is when we both kicked it off!

how they asked

We traveled to Disney World last year in October and I fell in love with the Wishes Fireworks show. Getting proposed to during the firework show at Disney World was my dream. Starting in July 2015, Tony had prepared daily packages for me. In the packages were scratch off clues of our engagement destination, puzzle pieces that was a replica of my boarding pass for our flight, and a donation card in memory of my brother. Also, the boarding pass puzzle’s background was a map of where we would be staying at Disney World. Each day after work, I would open my package to see what clues I got and try to solve the puzzle. About half way through the puzzle, I realized that Tony had kept all the important pieces for a big reveal.

I finally found out where we were going for our proposal in September, our anniversary month. He gave me a photo book with the lyrics to the Wishes Fireworks show that had pictures from when we were babies to our vacations together. After I got the photo book, he gave me the rest of the puzzle pieces. It was then that I found out we were going to Disney World/Orlando for our engagement!!

We finally left for Orlando that Sunday prior to my proposal (October 11). Once we arrived in Orlando, Tony had planned several different attractions to attend. On the first day, we went to the Gatorland, Orlando Eye and a comedy show. To end our first night, we headed over to the Polynesian Resort to watch the Wishes Fireworks show. The second day we had an early start, checking in at Discovery Cove for the entire day. Tony had reserved two adventures for us that day: Dolphin adventure and SeaVenture. The dolphin adventure was first at 9:00am. During this adventure we got into the freezing cold water along with 7 other people to play with the dolphins, learn about them, see them do tricks, and swim with them. Little did I know that I was about to get proposed to that day. At the end of the adventure everyone else got out of the water, but the dolphin trainer told us to hang tight because she had to “re-do” our photos. At this point I was questioning what was happening. She had asked if I could help assist trick with the dolphin. A dolphin named Tyler was going to swim to me with a toy and I’d have to take it out of his mouth and turn around. When Tyler came, I saw a white toy (a buoy) with “Stephanie, will you marry me?” written on it. I was completely shocked, and had no idea this was how I was going to get proposed to. The entire time I thought the proposal was going to happen during the firework show at Disney World. It was an incredible surprise and I loved every single minute of it.

Later that afternoon, Tony had yet another surprise… He flew one of my best friends down for the week to play at Disney World with us. I was in awe when I found out how much he listened to the details of how I wanted to get proposed to. Everything was planned to perfection.

Tony had originally wanted to propose to me during our last day in Orlando which would have been Saturday but certain factors did not allow it. Since he had to change the day last minute, the remainder of the week, he had a special surprise for me each day. The surprise each day was to trick me into believing that the proposal was going to happen. We went on private firework cruises and my favorite, an up close tour with penguins. This trip was so thought out and one that I will never forget.

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