Stephanie and Tim

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How We Met

Tim and I met in a rather unconventional way, people tell me it’s something right out of a movie or an episode of Grey’s Anatomy; I call it fate. I’m 26 and have been working in an increasingly busy ER since 2014, graduated in 2015 and have been a nurse ever since. My fiancé, Tim, is 25 and a firefighter/paramedic for the city that I’ve lived in all 26 years of my life.

One cold February morning around 230 am, the page goes out over head for a critical patient coming by ambulance from the field, estimated time of arrival 3-5 minutes. Reluctantly, I dragged my feet in, already exhausted from the last 11 and a half hours I had put in for the day, knowing I could get held over past 3 am when I’m suppose to be gone. I chose to be the scribe nurse, the nurse at the bedside who documents every piece to the story, every lab drawn, every blood pressure, eye blink, hand movement, bruise noted and to what part of the body, etc.

When the paramedics arrive, I look to my screen and start jotting down every word to the story the medic relays. About a minute or so into it, I notice he’s stopped talking, there’s just absolute silence, as if you could hear a pin drop. I immediately look up to see what’s happened and this paramedic is just staring right at me not saying a word; we locked eyes for what felt like an hour before he turned back to the emergency physician and started continuing the rest of the patients history. I sat there baffled as to what had just happened and thought to my self “do I know him from somewhere? shit what is his name? what the heck was that about? ……..shit. he’s really good looking now that I think about it.”

A few moments later he was at my side asking me for my signature, first name and last initial per hospital protocol and I happily obliged. He went on his way with a quick flash of a smile and was off into the night. I thought about him going home but figured he was already engaged, settled down, married, steady girlfriend, something. The next few days I went to work, wondering if I’d have the pleasure of running into him again, but low and behold, didn’t. About 4-5 days later I had a new friend request on Facebook and wouldn’t you know, it was that clear-eyed, long lashed handsome looking firefighter I had seen just days before, who was now asking to be my friend.

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how they asked

November 8th 2017: A random Wednesday. A couple nights before my mom asked if I wanted to get lunch at the new Italian restaurant in town that I had been dying to try, considering my sister (who’s is always working daytime hours) happened to not be due at work that day. I agreed, knowing I was off as well, when my mom chimed in asking if Tim wanted to join as well. Of course he said yes, because what man turns down an invite to a brand new authentic Italian restaurant let alone food period.

That morning I woke up, changed into sweats and put some makeup on. The moment my mom saw me she told me to “actually dress like a human being, please.” Begrudgingly, I returned to my room and threw on jeans and a cute fall cardigan. Right before leaving, Tim frantically called me, letting me know his dementia, hospice-ridden grandmother had fallen in the bathtub at home and he needed to go help her get out. He told me to order for him and not to worry he’d be there as soon as he could. Thinking more so about his poor grandmother, I insisted he not worry about coming to lunch and focus on taking care of his grandmother. As soon as we had gotten to the restaurant, I couldn’t understand how or why my mom spent a whopping 20 minutes looking for parking. By the time we got inside I was only concerned about getting my hands on some Italian bread (because what girl wouldn’t be).

Once inside, we all sat and started talking about the day’s agenda when I unknowingly noticed Tim’s Lieutenant. As he walked by, I shouted his name and he immediately came over. I was so confused and asked “what’re you doing here,” decked out head to toe in his helmet and bunker gear, he explained it was a false alarm in the kitchen, which still requires the fire department to check up on. Before I could even introduce him to my parents, he was gone in a flash. Thinking nothing of it, I returned to my conversation with my family. Another 10-15 minutes later, Tim had texted me he was about 10 minutes away and not to worry he’d be there soon. At that same time, the manager of the restaurant was at the table next to us; I overheard all these sweet elderly men saying “nope not us, we’re sorry.”

A moment later, she came to our table. She asked if anyone “drove a deep blue Jeep Liberty,” my mom immediately said, “I do, is there a problem?” She explained the fire Marshall needed my mom to move her car as it was too close to the fire lane and they couldn’t get the firetruck out. Baffled I laughed to myself as she embarrassingly got her keys and started outside. While I sat, my sister kicked me under the table telling me “you just talked to him…go do something about it so she’s not in trouble.” As I irritatingly stood up and walked out, I noticed all sorts of staff and customers watching me but continued walking outside. As soon as I reached the outer door, the engine was flashing and all of Tim’s coworkers were decked out in their bunker gear looking at me…by the time I could open my mouth to ask, where Tim was and what was going on, he was grabbing my hand and already down on one knee professing his love and asking me to spend forever with him.

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Special Thanks

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