Stephanie and Tiimothy

How We Met

Timothy and I met when we were 11 years old! I remember seeing him across the lunch room and thought “Oh God who is THAT ?! Why is he so loud?”. However I got used to his funny sense of humor and his confident attitude and so without knowing how Timothy and I became middle school best friends. We laughed together, got in trouble for talking too much, and denied to our parents and siblings about the crushes we had on one another- but they all knew! I remember having to be separated in class for laughing too loudly and still that didn’t stop us much since he liked to make paper planes with notes in them for me. Timothy likes to say that we were always meant for each other, I guess he was right all along.

We drifted apart in high school as friends changing schools usually do but whenever we ran into one another we always fell right back into place. We reconnected at my high school prom. I had a date and so did he but we stared at each other all night and destiny had it that we were on the same after prom party boat and there he was looking at me all night. I knew that time was different and we reached out to one another after prom and that Summer we were inseparable. We would spend all night laughing at the things we did when we were 11 and 12 years old, walked by the pier at night and ate junk food in my beetle and fell back into being best friends again. I started college and Timothy joined the Marine Corps and we decided be together and to stay together through it all. Fast forward 5 years, Marine Corps. promotions, graduation, grad school, a dog and a bunny later and here we are getting ready to become Mr. and Mrs. Montalvo !

Stephanie and Tiimothy's Engagement in Whitby Castle

how they asked

I was participating in group therapy that day for grad school and Timothy called me and asked me to to meet him for dinner once I was done. I asked him what time we were leaving and he replied “oh no, meet me there I’ll send you the address”. While driving there I remember thinking to myself “there’s no way there’s a restaurant here, there’s nothing but houses, big houses” as soon as I had my doubts, Siri interrupted and assured me “you have arrived at your destination” and there it was, The Whitby Castle and it was stunning.

I drove up the castle and Timothy escorted me out of my beetle and began to tell me the history of the castle. I listened to him and stared in awe of the castle. He led me into a private room filled with ceiling to floor windows and I immediately saw the rose petals on the floor leading to the glass case with a single rose standing up and in the rose I saw it, my dream ring!

Stephanie's Proposal in Whitby Castle

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Whitby Castle

Where to Propose in Whitby Castle

Proposal Ideas Whitby Castle

Timothy knelt down on one knee and simply requested “marry me”. I noticed the photographer and burst into laughter, he had truly pulled off one of the most amazing proposal’s and it was Disney themed, and even better Beauty and the Beast themed!

We had dinner and Timothy had the whole staff in on coordinating gorgeous flowers on the table and we went home to find a surprise party with our family, champs, and cake!

One of the most special and fun things about us as a couple is that no matter how old we get we always know how to have fun and stay young at heart. We love Disney and go every moment that we can. We live in NY and so these trips always require extensive planning and even then we have been known to plan it with one week notice and simply just fly off to Disney. Our favorite spot is eating dinner at The Beasts’ Castle, if you’ve ever been then you know what I mean ! :)