Stephanie and Taylor

Image 1 of Stephanie and Taylor

How We Met

Taylor and I are both Primary School Teachers. We met by pure coincidence in 2019. Taylor accidentally turned up to the wrong school in search of a day’s work in which I was currently employed at. He then continued to work at my school for the remainder of the year. We were pure strangers initially and over time we developed a strong friendship through vast similarities. We then became best friends as colleagues which grew stronger over time. One night, we were attending a work dinner where the other two colleagues who were supposed to attend withdrew from the occasion leaving us one-on-one. Following a beautiful dinner and meaningful conversations we realized then, our bond was special.

How They Asked

I thought I was going to his best friends’ engagement. He created the invitations and got his friend to send them to us. So I bought a black dress due to the location being in the museum. As we were walking he was so calm and he organized signs to be in place so I wouldn’t be suspicious about how he knew where he was going.

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As we were walking I just admired the view and we knew we were going to get a picture in front of the harbor bridge. As we started walking down the hill I was too concentrated on trying to walk in my heels. As we got closer our song came on “Sky full of stars – acoustic version” and my heart just dropped and I froze as I turned around to look behind me he was smiling and I saw the beautiful setup of the tree.

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I started to cry and Taylor walked me over. He got down and said his speech and I was blown away by it all. It was the best feeling and it was so surreal. It was so gentle and peaceful. He wanted to make it touching and something that wasn’t staged. I had no idea the whole time and that was the best part I didn’t suspect a thing. He thought about it deeply and made sure he was on top of anything I asked or questioned. Thank you to My Proposal Co. for making it beautiful and easy for Taylor.

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