Stephanie and Steven

How We Met

Steven and I met our sophomore year of college. Even though we went to different universities, my best friend from high school, Breanna, went to school with Steven. She introduced us and Steven and I became friends quickly. From game nights to Wii dance parties, we seemed to always have a good time and Steven had a way of always making me laugh. After about 2 years of friendship, my friend Breanna had asked each of us separately if we would ever date, no shocker that we both told her yes! Being the good friend she is, she had a Christmas party where she set us up to be partners for the gingerbread house making competition !

Proposal Ideas Kona, Hawaii

Working together we got 2nd place! As the night went on, dressed as an elf and Steven in his Snoopy Christmas shirt and Santa hat, we both had ended up under the mistletoe! We were both a little shy at first until we had some motivation as all our friends at the party looked at us and began to chant “Kiss! Kiss! Kiss!” We looked at each other and this little elf got her Christmas kiss! We were even lucky enough to have our first kiss photographed by our friend Katie, with me dressed as an elf, Steven in his Santa hat, and mistletoe in the background hanging over us! From that day on, we have been together :)

Stephanie's Proposal in Kona, Hawaii

how they asked

Steven and Stephanie, the story of two friends that saw way more in each other. Started from a kiss under the mistletoe and ended up with a proposal! Steven and I had been together for 3.5 years, 3 of those years being long distance before he asked me to be his wife! After our big move together to the Big Island in Hawaii, our families had come to visit us! My mom had been telling me for months that she wanted nice family photos and couples photos when they came to visit. Little did I know, this was all a plan to get me dressed up for the big proposal!

Over the past year, Steven had asked my dad for his blessing for my hand in marriage, after some sentimental advice my dad said yes. After Steven got that blessing, he started working on a proposal video by recording him getting down on one knee and opening a ring box in multiple states and countries! He had over 80 videos of him getting down on one knee in places like Disney world, the Carolinas, Texas, Seattle, Canada, Hogwarts and more!!!

When it was all done, our families were all ready for the “family photos” and as Steven and I were about to take our photos, he pulls out the iPad and shows me the video! I was in complete shock as our families were there to witness this great day in our lives. Once the video had ended Steven got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. I said, “Of course!” Both of our families were there to witness and celebrate with us as Steven and I had joined both families together with this engagement! Now we are planning our magical Harry Potter themed wedding for 2020 :)

Special Thanks

Ramirez Family, Nick, Terrie and Nicole :) | 
Helping Steven execute the proposal, photos, videos, location!
Bohn Family, David, Pam and Natalie :) | 
Helping Steven execute the proposal, photos, videos, location!
Kailah Buchanan :) | 
Drove with my sister for 2 hours to witness the proposal! Photos and video too!