Stephanie and Stephen

How We Met

Stephen and I both grew up in the small town of Brookfield, Connecticut. We were in third grade together but didn’t really notice each other until we were on the same school bus going to High School. Stephen had a funny way of getting my attention, always teasing me and saying that there was a height limit, to which I did not meet, to sit in the back of the bus with the “cool kids,” but I always managed to flirt my way back to sit closer to him. This was around the time everyone started getting cell phones, and I remember one day giving my phone to Stephen for him to put his number in. When I got it back, he had put his name in as “Superman <3,” and it’s been like that ever since. During our sophomore year, he asked me out by taking my phone and putting a note in it. He gave it back when it was his stop, and told me to read it when he got off the bus. As soon as he was off I opened my phone to the message, “will you be my girlfriend?” My stomach was filled with butterflies, I was so excited, I yelled out the bus window as it was driving away, “YES!” Scaring the other kids that got off with him but I didn’t care, I had a boyfriend! The first date we went on was to the movies and we saw one of the movies from the “Rocky” franchise, “Rocky Balboa.” We found out later on that the original “Rocky” was my parents first date! (weird I know). But as some young relationships go we broke up after only a few months, because I thought boys were kinda gross at that age. However, Stephen still remained my best friend. Always trying to get me to go to all the parties, he stood up to all the bullies for me, and always gave me a hug each time he walked off the football field after his games. I remember being in my friend’s basement senior year, of course talking about boys, and they called it back then that Stephen and I would end up together, and they were right!

We both went to different colleges and had other relationships, but even then we were always talking, and would always make an effort to hang out when we were home on our breaks from school. One tradition we had was during our winter breaks, Stephen would come over and help decorate my parents Christmas Tree. So during our Christmas Break of 2012, we continued our little tradition, the only difference was that this year we were both single, and everything just seemed to fall right into place. Before I went back to school Stephen took me on an amazing date into NYC and that’s when I think we both knew that this was it!

We’ve been together for 5 years now! We’ve traveled across the country in a minibus, been to a few festivals, hiked all around the East Coast, adopted our Bear, and now have the little apartment we call home!

how they asked

Stephen’s mom was adopted from Italy when she was 2 years old. She didn’t know her real family over in Italy until a few years ago when her sister found her on FaceBook! Stephen and his siblings bought their mom a trip to meet her family for the first time in over 50 years in 2016, and when she came back she said we all had to go the following year, and who doesn’t want to go to Italy!

So last April 2017 we made it to Italy! We were greeted at the airport by the whole family! It was amazing, we went to Milan, Padova, Venice, Florence, Rome, Pisa and Turin, all within 5 days! Stephen planned out a little trip for ourselves and his sister Lelia to Manarola, Cinque Terre for the last few days, to relax and see the beautiful coastal towns and vineyards. When we got to Manarola it was cloudy and rainy but we made the most of it.

We hiked through the vineyards and had lunch at a restaurant overlooking the ocean. Stephen and Leila suggested that we go back to our Airbnb wash up and then go out for a nice dinner. As we were just about ready the sky cleared up and there was a beautiful sunset, so we decided to go back out by the water and take some more pictures. When we were walking down there was a group of photographers running by us, and as we got closer we noticed that there was a double rainbow shining right over the town behind us, mother nature was definitely on Stephen’s side that day.

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Engagement Proposal Ideas in Manarola, Cinque Terre, Italy

So we took a few more pictures and as the sun began to set and the lights of the town came on Stephen asked Leila to take one more picture of us. As I went to put my arm around Stephen he began to reach into his pocket and I couldn’t believe that this was happening. It was seriously a fairy tale and better than my wildest dreams!

Stephanie's Proposal in Manarola, Cinque Terre, Italy

Where to Propose in Manarola, Cinque Terre, Italy

We were in the most beautiful place we had ever been to, on a trip of a lifetime and my best friend was proposing to me! Of course, I said “Yes!” and here we are about to start our next big adventure in October 2018 when we get to say “I Do!”