Stephanie and Stephen

How We Met

Our love for country music brought us together- we’d like to say we randomly met at a country concert…but let’s be real…it was a country bar- Toby Keith’s I Love This Bar and Grill in Rancho Cucamonga about 5 years ago. Toby Keith’s (RIP) was a place both of us would go for fun on the weekends with our friends. We’d always see each other and say hi, but never really hung out because we were with our own friends having the time of our lives. We would also see each other at random concerts throughout the years and we would “like” each other’s posts on social media, but that was it.

It wasn’t until January 2017 that we actually talked (yah, like had an actual normal conversation) when we saw each other at a concert in L.A. About a month later (my birthday) Stephen slid into my DM’s and wished her a Happy Birthday. Another month later we went on our first date and by April we were official. Stephen gave Stephanie a cowboy boot necklace with a note saying “I’m head over boots for you!” A few months later we attended the Route 91 festival in Las Vegas when the mass shooting happened. Our group was able to get out safely, Stephen saved my life and I remind him of that often. We were so nervous to attend concerts after that, but we couldn’t give up something we both loved. So slowly but surely together, and with the help of our family and friends, we got stronger and were able to attend more shows.

Stephanie's Proposal in Dodger Stadium- Luke Bryan's

How They Asked

Of course, the proposal happened at a country concert!

Still working up the courage to attend shows and get back to our “normal” life, we bought 10 tickets to Luke Bryan’s “What Makes You Country” tour at Dodger Stadium back in March- not knowing who exactly was going to go with us. After a few months passed we finally had our group together- both sets of parents included. For months Stephen had been ring-shopping and finally found the one several weeks before. He asked my parents for their blessing the night before the concert- not really knowing for certain if he was going to ask her to marry him the next day. All 10 of us loaded into my parents’ RV, so we could party and tailgate once we got there, and I didn’t suspect a thing- not even Stephen’s mom going in a separate metal-detector line in case security made her show them what was in the box.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Dodger Stadium- Luke Bryan's

July 28, 2018, around 6:51 PM Jon Pardi starting singing his single, “Head Over Boots”, Stephen got down on one knee singing a verse of the song and asked me to marry him! Not only were both sets of parents there to celebrate with us, but we also had hundreds of eyes (and phones) watching us too.

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