Stephanie and Sean


How We Met

Growing up in a small town, you know everyone. I was in 8th grade when Sean first came to town. I only knew of him, but hadn’t had the chance to meet him. Flash forward to my freshman year of high school and his sophomore year. Homecoming came around and I attended with a friend. Still at that moment we still had not had the chance to cross paths.

After the dance was over, a group of friends came over and he happened to show up with one of them. A few of us were outside when I decided to go back inside with the other group of friends. At that moment, he called my name to stay outside with everyone…We talked that night in October 2005 and the following spring officially became boyfriend and girlfriend. We have truly grown up with each other and can’t wait to grow old together.

how they asked

As of May 2016, we have been together for 11 years. Yes, 11 years! But, I was always okay with putting off an engagement and wedding because of school. Well, the time came and I finished in December of 2015. We started 2016 with talks of an engagement and wedding. We both knew that was in our future, I just may have talked about it more as I was patiently waiting for the ring. The only thing I asked of him was to not ask me on a holiday or any special day to me or us. I wanted our engagement day to be its own special day. In October we had a trip planned to Denver; no special reason, just to explore a new city. Thinking it was too good to be true for Sean to propose on a trip, I did not see it coming.

On our last day in Denver we ventured out of the city to the Red Rocks Amphitheater. We spent about two hours exploring and before we headed downstairs to the restaurant for lunch and drinks he took my hand at the top of the venue with the mountains in the background and stated, “Stephanie, you know I love you…” I immediately knew what was going on and truly blacked out for the seconds that followed.




I don’t exactly remember what he said but I am sure thankful Sean added one more surprise to that day by having someone take pictures of the exact moment.


Pictures I will treasure for a lifetime. Seeing it from an outside perspective is truly magical. I can relive it time after time.


I wouldn’t change anything about our special moment.

Special Thanks

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