Stephanie and Scott's Winery Proposal


How we met: Stephanie and I meet through mutual friends and as fate would have it, we seemed to always be running into each other. It took a few weeks before I worked up the courage to ask Stephanie out. On our first date all I could think about was how perfect, kind and beautiful Stephanie was. I had never meet anyone like her before and instantly knew this was something special.

How I asked: After living together for 4 years, we had already talked about the next step. I am sure Stephanie was hoping it would have been sooner and I had originally planned on asking her while we were going to visit our family in the Midwest. Stephanie is a wine lover and over the years we have enjoyed going wine tasting and traveling to vineyards throughout California. I knew asking her at a winery would be something she would not expect. I contacted a Dee from Sweet Blooms Photography so she could document this special occasion for us. I had laid out a dress for Stephanie to wear, which happened to be her favorite but for some reason she wanted to dress more casual and I just didn’t feel like pushing the subject as I was worried she would suspect something. We got up early and headed out to brunch at Wilson Creek Winery, and after receiving a text that Dee was in place, I got down on one knee and popped the question. Stephanie was so surprised and had no idea. We concluded the afternoon with a mini engagement session and will be planning out wedding for the summer of 2016 in the midwest so our family and friends can all attend.






Special Thanks

Sweet Blooms Photography