How She Asked Him: Stephanie and Scott

How We Met

Four years ago, Stephanie, a professional figure skater, was asked to choreograph a local community theatre show in our small ski resort town of Park City, UT. This hilarious and satirical show is famous in our town! It’s written every year and lampoons the town and it’s people. Every year the show has an opening number with groups from the community. Real estate agents trying to dance, ski patrollers attempting to sing musical theatre. It’s pure comedy! But the year Steph was asked to choreograph, she hit the jackpot! The opening number was a “Sexy Firefighter’s Dance” with real Park City Firefighters! The first thing she ever said to Scott was “…show me your moves.” She’s been trying to teach him how to dance ever since! This is how Stephanie met Scott.


how they asked

Last May Stephanie was asked to choreograph the Park City Follies again. After the final bows on closing night she had Scott come up on stage and she asked him “to spend the rest of his life with [her].) At first Scott was taken aback (what guy wouldn’t be?) but after a brief moment he moved in for a huge smooch. Now, most men being proposed to by their girlfriend might be overwhelmed, shocked, and some might even be a little relieved. But most men being proposed to in front of all of their friends and family and their whole town would want to get off stage as soon as possible. Not Scott, after he kissed Steph the entire theatre erupted into applause and cheering. Scott got his hands on the microphone and got the theatre’s attention. Then he said “I haven’t said yes…” after a cheeky pause he added “…YES!” Again, pandemonium in the theatre. Stephanie, being the actress that she is, pretended to faint and Scott, being the firefighter/paramedic that he is, didn’t skip a beat and got down on his knees to administer pretend mouth-to-mouth CPR. Everyone from the audience, to the actors on stage, to the band in the pit were laughing hysterically.
This was truly one of the best proposals I’ve ever seen. And Steph and Scott are two of the best people I’ve ever met. You can see the proposal on YouTube if you click on the second link below! I’ve also attached pictures of the couple. A professional figure skater and a fireman, now that’s an awesome couple!

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