Stephanie and Saul

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Our dear friends house

How We Met

We used to work together, then we started dating almost 2 years ago and the rest is history! He is the most loving, caring wonderful man in the entire world! We share a love that I thought only existed in fairytales. We are perfect for each other. We do everything together and enjoy a lot of the same things. He so incredible and I am one lucky girl ❤️

Stephanie's Proposal in Our dear friends house

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Our dear friends house

Proposal Ideas Our dear friends house

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Our dear friends house

how they asked

We had been talking about getting engaged for awhile and we had already picked out the ring (he wanted to make sure I picked it out since I’m the one who is going to wear it) so I knew it was coming at some point but didn’t know exactly when or where he would propose. I told him that there were 4 rules that he had follow before proposing, 1 he had to ask my Mom (even though she loves him and he technically already had her permission) 2 she needed to be there as I am her only child and it would mean a lot to both of us. 3 someone needed to get it on camera, and 4 my nails needed to be done. He did all of that and more. It was the absolute most perfect proposal ever. The week leading up to him popping the question, he was acting a little weird. He got home really late from work on one night and he was overly excited when I told him I was getting my nails done the Friday before he proposed. Turns out the night he was so late getting home from work was because he was meeting up with my Mama to officially ask her permission but also to get her help in planning some of the little details. He knew what he wanted to do but just wasn’t sure how to get all together. He told me that Sunday night we were going to pick up our friends and take them to dinner for their anniversary. When we got to their house he asked me to wait in the car while he went to the door to let them know we were there, he came back out and said that they weren’t ready yet so we would just go inside and hang out for a bit hen head out. He had me go in first as he usually does (he’s an absolute gentleman) when I got inside the house I saw our friends standing in their kitchen with my mom, my uncle and a couple other of our close friends he then got down on one knee and said “I’ve been wanting to ask you something, would you marry me?”

I of course said YES! and as you can see by my reaction he completely surprised me. He planned out everything so perfectly even getting contacts off my phone so he could have some of my friends there! ❤️