Stephanie and Ryan

How We Met

It was my sophomore year of college and my roommate asked for my help throwing her boyfriend a surprise party. Much to my surprise, she had also been planning to introduce me to one of her boyfriends best friend (Ryan). The party went off without a hitch and turns out I would need a ride home that night. Ryan offered to drive me home. I hesitated at the thought of getting into a car with almost a complete stranger to me, but my roommate insisted he was a great guy. From that car ride on we were inseparable! 7 years later we are now engaged!

how they asked

Ryan and I had been dating just under 7 years, and for the last few years his family from out of town had always come into the city to visit. We would always go out to dinner and stay the night. Ryan had let me know in advance, they would be coming again this year, little did I know this was ALL a plan! We woke up Friday morning and drove into the city to check into our hotel. Once we arrived and got ready for dinner, he told me we would be meeting them at Rockefeller Center. We arrived at Rockefeller Center and Ryan frantically told me they were running late and it would just make sense to not waste time and meet them at the top. So we headed to the top… after 2 elevator rides, 3 flights of stairs, and 2 escalators, we FINALLY got to the top. Ryan insisted we had to get closer to the window to get a good view of the sunset. As we approached the window Ryan told me he loved me, and ATTEMPTED to give a speech but quickly got down on one knee and asked me to marry him! I can’t remember if I even answered “YES” because I instantly began crying! I was so incredibly overwhelmed with happiness- it was indescribable. Excited is an understatement.

Image 1 of Stephanie and Ryan

Now a week later, I still burst into tears of joy every few hours! He has truly made me the happiest girl in the world! I am so grateful we were able to capture the moment. Ryan had his cousin hidden in the background to take photos of the whole proposal.