Stephanie and Ryan

How We Met

Just moving back to Greenville, SC after spending 6 years in New York City and ending a four-year relationship, I was pretty set on focusing on myself and was certainly not looking for a relationship at all (so I thought!)

I just celebrated my 24th birthday and went out to dinner to celebrate with one of my best friends. While eating dinner, a man comes to our table to speak to my best friend and catch up. Little did I know, the other man standing beside him was my future husband. We introduced ourselves and even walked downtown together afterward…. 9 hours later, we are still awake talking, playing an intense game of 20 questions, exchanging numbers, and laughing until we cried.

How They Asked

This moment is something Ryan and I have talked about pretty often beforehand. I knew it was coming this year but had no clue when. We were in Charleston, South Carolina celebrating Ryan’s birthday, his twin sisters birthday, and his late fathers birthday. Ryan and I arrived the day before to enjoy the scenery and some delicious seafood.

The next morning we went to brunch at our favorite brunch spot Black Magic Cafe (not knowing that the ring was in Ryan’s pocket the entire time) after the most amazing brunch, we headed to Batter Park to take pictures (what I thought was birthday pictures), in the corner of my eye I see Ryan getting on one knee. What I thought was a “tying the shoe” moment and him just trying to be funny, turned into the most surprising, emotional, exciting day of my life!

Special Thanks

Brandi Guthke
 | Photographer