Stephanie and Ryan

how we met

Although it was a big “no” at our work place, that is where our flame first started (Oops!) What can I say? The heart wants, what the heart wants. After weeks and weeks of small talk and flirting, he finally asked me on a date. He had mentioned that his brother had “free” tickets to a Sox game, so I caved in and decided to go with. After a few months of dating, he admitted that his brother didn’t actually have free tickets and it was just an easy way for him to ask me on a date! The rest is history…

how they asked

To be honest, I was a little suspicious at first. We had planned to go to Starved Rock about a month in advanced (which we never plan that far ahead), he asked my dad if he was going to be home since he was going to drop off lunch and hang out with my brother (when I wasn’t going to be there), and he was acting a little strange… There was a point where I thought maybe I was just misreading everything and maybe I was overthinking it. November 17th rolled around and we had made our way to Starved Rock. When we got there, we viewed different routes we could take. One of those routes consisted of an overlook called “Lovers Leap.” I thought to myself, “Okay, if he is going to propose, this is the spot where it will all happen.” We neared the top of Lovers Leap and I saw a girl who was by herself and was messing around with her camera. My heart started racing and I was on the verge of blacking out. However, we kept moving along – no proposal happened….We then made it to the next overlook where his sister suggested we take a picture together. Before I could process everything, he was on one knee asking me to be his wife. Although I had my suspicions, I was still VERY surprised!!

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