Stephanie and Ryan

Proposal Ideas Iceland

How We Met

We met in August 2012 during our first semester at Purdue University. We were signed up to be in the same lab and recitation group for the introductory chemistry class, Chem 115. Neither of us is sure exactly when we first noticed each other, but it was pretty quickly We started talking in the hallways before class and walking home together after class. This went on for about two months, and everything was going well – except we didn’t know each other’s names! I had been referring to Ryan as my “cute chemistry friend” and came up with a whole elaborate plan to get Ryan’s name without asking him (because by now it had been way too long for me to be like, so what’s your name again?). We had to sign in for attendance each week in recitation, so I planned to sit close enough to Ryan that I would sign the sheet after him and count back the number of names/seats to figure out which name was his. It was an excellent plan until I learned his handwriting was terrible and I could only make out “Ryan.” However, when they were walking back from class that day, Ryan told me if I wanted to hang out together that weekend, I should let him know. I told him I didn’t have his number, so I wouldn’t be able to let him know! He finally gave me his phone number (and full name!), and here we are 6.5 years later. :)


How They Asked

For our 6 year dating anniversary, Ryan told me he wanted to plan a surprise weekend to celebrate. I was excited because he doesn’t usually plan surprises! I figured we would do something more local (he lives in Wisconsin and I was planning on going there for the weekend). About a week beforehand, he told me to meet him at the airport on Friday afternoon and sent me a packing list! I had no idea where we were going. Friday finally came, and when we got to the airport, he made me keep my boarding pass face down until we got to our gate. WE WERE GOING TO ICELAND!

Where to Propose in Iceland

We flew overnight on Friday and had a relaxing day on Saturday. Sunday came around, and we going on an all-day tour of part of Iceland. When we got to our second stop, it was this beautiful double waterfall. We walked down to the lower viewing platform, and Ryan asked a nearby group of people to take our picture.

They did and handed the phone back to Ryan. He said, “That looks great, would you mind taking one more?” The next thing I knew, he was facing me and started off with “Stephanie Marie Homme, you are the love of my life…”. He got down on one knee and asked me the easiest question I have ever said yes to.