Stephanie and Royce

how we met

We first met through mutual friends. Royce had just moved to my hometown to work at his family’s business and had come to a friend’s birthday with his cousin. We met and were seated next to each other and began chatting. We hung out a couple more times before we had our first date at a concert.

how they asked

Like any girlfriend who has been with her boyfriend for 7 years, I would get on him about proposing to me. Although I (and many of our friends) would give him grief, I knew it would happen one day. Royce says last Christmas he came to the realization he needed to start looking for a ring or I would be on my way. Thankfully he didn’t realize I would have waited forever as long as he was mine. With the help of his sister he bought a ring and had it since August. He had also reached out to Ashley, who had done photos for us before, and made sure she would be there when it happened. He had plans to propose around our family, or do it while we were on vacation but he says those plans never really worked out. I had scheduled a shoot with Ashley to get photos done for our Christmas cards. I mentioned to Royce one day that would be the perfect time to propose. I would have gotten my nails, hair and lashes done and we would have our favorite photographer there to capture it. Little did I know, Royce had already had this planned out. Trusting Ashley I let her pick out the location and I chose a dress from her client closet. We drove out to the desert near our home and began what I thought was just a normal couples session. She had me turn my back to him and then turn around when she said. As I turned around, Royce was on one knee asking me to marry him. The moment still seems surreal but I love that it was so intimate and just us two in a beautiful setting.

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