Stephanie and Riley

Image 1 of Stephanie and Riley

How We Met

Summer 2015, Riley decided do a Europe tour solo…so did I! Little did we know we were on the same flight from Saskatchewan (I got on in Toronto) landing in London. The spent one day in London…not Meeting each other. On the second day The tour traveled down to Paris and I was sitting in the hotel lobby, having got off the bus first, when Riley walked through the doors.

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This tall attractive man walked right up to me, introduced himself, asked me to dinner that night and we have been inseparable ever since. We spent a month in Europe, I came home to BC and Riley (from saskatoon) moved to me 6 months later! We bought a home 1 month later and got a puppy 1 year later!

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how they asked

My favorite place in the world is Naramata BC in the Okanagan. I had taken Riley to my favorite beach in Naramata during summer 2016. That’s when Riley decided that’s where he would propose! July 22nd 2017, we were on a vacation in the Okanagan with Riley’s family. In the afternoon we drove out to Naramata to swim at the beach I love. When we got to the beach Riley started saying all these sweet things to me as I stared out at the lake. I was clueless.

Image 4 of Stephanie and Riley

Riley called my name and I turned to look at him and he was down on one knee!! I was speechless, then shouted YES. His family knew the whole time, took pictures and brought the ring because Riley knew I’d find it in our house!

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