Stephanie and Rick

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How We Met

Rick and Stephanie firmly believe in destiny and fate as there is no other way to explain their relationship and the unique way that they met.

It all began on a Spring Break vacation to the Dominican Republic in March of 2008. The couple was both vacationing with friends and family. Rick spotted Stephanie in the lobby of the Sunscape Resort and thought “I just have to talk to this girl!” Later that night, Stephanie received a note under her door from Rick asking to meet with her. The twosome hit it off and spent almost every day together but never ended up exchanging phone numbers or even last names! Weeks went by and the two went back to their daily lives on opposite ends of the country, but then on Easter Sunday Stephanie received a friend request from Rick and was completely in shock. It turns out Rick had spent hours and even days searching for Stephanie with only knowing her first name and that she was from NYC. The two spent months talking and exchanging emails until ultimately Rick made the voyage to the big apple to spend some time with Stephanie. After an amazing visit, the couple realized they couldn’t be without each other and decided to give long distance a try.

The couple flew back and forth for four years. Their long-distance relationship at first withstood the test of time, but sadly, it took it’s toll on both of them as they were both college students and living paycheck to paycheck. More than a year passed, and the couple hadn’t seen one another.

Then, in 2014, Rick was finally able to make the move to New York City, where he landed his dream job at Danny Meyer’s famous Union Square Cafe.

how they asked

Rick proposed at Yankee Stadium on what he calls the most romantic day of their lives.”He told me we were going there to take a few photos for a friend, who was a well-known photographer,” Stephanie said, adding that she thought they were there so that the photographer could shoot photos to promote a “date night for couples.” The morning of the shoot, Stephanie even glanced at Rick’s pockets to see if there was an outline of a box because she’s a huge curiosity seeker. Seeing nothing, she believed his story. They arrived at Yankee Stadium but to her surprise, it was just the two of them, his photographer friend Derek, their tour guide and a security guard. They had the entire stadium to themselves.

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Their private tour throughout stadium ended in the Delta Suite: “Rick took me out on the terrace and all of a sudden my favorite love song started to play — ‘Beautiful Soul’ by Jesse McCartney. He then told me he had a confession to make and we weren’t there for a tour, he was there to ask me a question.” “We were here for our first date seven years ago, we’re here now and I will be here for you forever; ‘Will you marry me?” Rick said, just as all the screens in the stadium suddenly flashed “Stephanie, Will you marry me?” Of course, Stephanie answered in the affirmative and Yankee staffers soon filed out with food and champagne. The couple partied heartily at the well-appointed Union Square Cafe, where pretty posies and well-wishers were all waiting.

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Rick and Stephanie want to thank their family and friends for being so supportive and can’t wait to celebrate their special day with them!

Special Thanks

Derek Edward Pfohl
 | Photographer
Yankee Stadium Staff
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