Stephanie and RC

Image 1 of Stephanie C. and RC

How We Met

RC and I met when we both worked at Target as 18 and 19 year olds. It was the summer going into my freshman year in college and he was starting his junior year. At first, we didn’t really like each other at all. It wasn’t until a few weeks after we met, that we went on our first date. RC picked me up in his 1988 BMW, and took me to the lake front where we sat on the rocks, drinking vodka and orange juice (classy) while we talked for hours and RC played the guitar for me. That was in 2009. Fast forward, 7.5 years and here we are.

how they asked

RC and I had talked about marriage and a proposal several times. He actually bought my ring in the summer of 2016, but was in a horrific motorcycle accident in late August of 2016 and almost died. RC was cut off by a car on the highway and suffered traumatic injuries on his entire body. He had road rash that was the equivalent of 2nd degree burns all over his body, butt and face. He damaged both hands as his skin ripped off his palms, tendon damage on his fingers and the skin on his butt was ripped off as he slid down the entire exit ramp. He was wearing a helmet but it popped off after the initial blow so he suffered facial injuries as well. The most severe injury was on his left leg, as it was almost completely torn off from the impact. After the accident, everything was put on hold. RC spent 2 months in the hospital and still requires assistance for everyday things. His expected recovery time is a year to a year and a half.

Little did I know that he had already purchased my engagement ring and it was sitting in his dresser for months while he was in the hospital and recovering at his moms house. He finally moved back into our place two days before Christmas of this year. On Christmas night, after changing his bandages and dressings, we finally sat down to exchange gifts. I gave him my gift and he said he had to go get mine from our room. Two minutes later, he walks in blasting “Let’s get married” by Jagged Edge.

Image 2 of Stephanie C. and RC

He walks by my and gets down on one knee. Something he had been working on doing in physical therapy for months, because he cannot bend his knee due to his injury. He’s down on one knee and asks me to marry him. I said yes!! After 7 long years and a horrible past couple of months, we finally have a happy ending.

Image 3 of Stephanie C. and RC