Stephanie and Raul

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How We Met

We met at a park nearby my parent’s house and he was hanging out with my my brother. My brother told me to go to the park to go be with them. When I got there my brother introduced him to me and I already heard so much about him so I just said “oh hi, I’m Stephanie.” He thought I acted like I was too cool to be around them, which is funny cause I was 14 and they were 18. After that he became my brother’s hot friend and I thought I would never have a chance cause I was still a kid. We crushed on each other for years until we both finally got the courage and said we should go on a date.

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how they asked

Before the trip, he told me on our anniversary that he was taking me to Napa Valley. He had this trip planned for months and he kept telling me that I could guess but he wouldn’t tell me and all my guesses where not Napa, which was on my bucket list! I couldn’t stop crying when he told me because it was amazing knowing that he listens to everything I say. When it was our last day in Napa, he had me get all dressed up because the places we were going where really nice. He took me to a mansion first to have champagne and then he took me to the place where he was going to ask. He was so calm and cool that I never caught on. We had an appointment at 1 for a private wine tasting and the lady that helped us was more nervous than my fiancé.

They had a table with a red tablecloth in the middle of the courtyard, super romantic that when we weren’t sitting there, other couples were taking pictures at the table lol. Then the tour lady began explaining that it’s harvest season so we should go try the grapes and to pay no mind to the photographer because he was taking pictures for their website. She took us the vineyards and left us alone so we can try grapes. My fiancé grabbed my hand and took us to a smaller aisle and started telling me that we’ve known each other for such a long time and the past year was one of the happiest times in his life and even though we have our ups and downs, he’s so in love with me and that he was going to make me the happiest woman ever. I said “of course baby, I love you too”. He then pulled out a little jewelry bag, got on his knee and said “Stephanie Sobalvarro, will you marry me?”

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I instantly started crying and said yes of course, in between “are you being serious” and “is this really happening”. I was so focused on him that I didn’t realize everyone was watching and that the photographer was for us.

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That made me overly excited cause he knew that I always wanted our engagement to be captured. He told me before that the 24th of August was his 2nd birthday because that’s when he got his bone marrow transplant when he had Leukemia. I’m so blessed to have a strong man by my side and that I’m so special to him that our engagement was on such a meaningful day of his life.

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Special Thanks

T.J. Salsman
 | Photographer
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 | Special Events Manager