Stephanie and Prince's Eiffel Tower Proposal

When I saw The Ring

Well let me begin by saying the Eiffel Tower is my favorite thing ever. You’ll find pictures in my bathroom, on my bedspread, on the wall. I just love the Eiffel Tower, despite not stepping foot in Paris ever. Some people know, I even want to name my daughter Paris, but with a Prince Jr. and a daughter named Paris, we’d be too much like the great Michael Jackson for my liking. Anywho, when Prince gifted me with a trip to Paris for Christmas I was thrilled! The worst part was waiting nearly four months for the actual gift, little did I know I’d have a greater gift on that trip.

When we landed in Paris on March 28th, the weather was crappy, but we were so excited to explore. That we did. When we got back in the evening we asked the concierge desk for suggestions on where to go to dinner. They suggested we go to a restaurant atop of a museum that overlooks the Eiffel Tower. So Prince and I get dressed. He put on suspenders and I put on leather leggings and a peplum top. He luckily told me to change so we could “start the trip off right with a fancy dinner.” Perfect!

We set out to walk to dinner. It’s raining, and I’m annoyed that we didn’t grab a taxi but it’s all about the experience right? Wrong! Wrong, when you’re in heels and the rain! Our hotel was only about a mile from the Eiffel Tower so the restaurant couldn’t be too far. Well, no one seemed to know how to direct us. Not the gift shops, not the taxi drivers. Fine! “Prince let’s go take pictures in front of the Eiffel Tower instead!” I threw the assist! We are walking down the alley way toward the Eiffel Tower and I kid you not, the sky clears instantly and the lights on the tower light up. How perfect! I’m thinking it’s perfect for pictures, he’s thinking it’s the perfect time to pop the question! As we are walking, a guy selling roses hands me some and Prince pays. We walk a bit further and I said it was the perfect view. I started taking pictures of Prince and a lovely guy walks up and asks us if we want our picture taken together. “Please!”

So he takes one or two and Prince said, “One more please?”

At that moment Prince tells me I mean the world to him and as he’s getting down, I tell him not to because of the ground being soggy. He ignores me and lands on one knee and a ring box in his hand. “Will you marry me?” I instantly kiss him. “Is that a yes?” Haha of course! Prince says, “So, 7/7/17?” We’d planned that date a year or so before the proposal on a road trip. It stuck! 7/7/17 it is!

My two favorite things in one picture at the best time of my life.