Stephanie and Phillip

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How We Met

The way we met is a pretty boring story…I met Phillip when I started working at Best Buy. We didn’t talk much when I first started but one night we had to stay late with this customer that really just didn’t want to leave. We had lots of time to talk closing up the store together after she left. He asked me to add him on snapchat and we started chatting back and forth. About a week later Phillip came up to me and told me I was going to be his girlfriend by his birthday (about a month from that day) and I said, “No Way!” Well I guess Phillip knew something that I didn’t! I remember telling my best friend how bold he was to say that and how I felt like I had no control either way. I definitely felt that the universe was pushing us together. So it was really out of my “control freak” hands.

how they asked

Fast forward three years and all we talk about is one day getting married. We were surrounded by tons of our friends either getting engaged or getting married. This summer alone we have 11 weddings to attend! I would joke with Phillip all of the time about how he was taking so long and waiting to be the last of his almost 2,000 facebook friends to get engaged. I had a feeling the time was coming when he randomly came to me with a list of who he would be his groomsmen. So when he told me that we were going to randomly go out to dinner to our anniversary dinner restaurant I thought, “AAAHA! He is TOTALLY going to ask me there!” So we get all dressed up and ready to go and Phillip tells me we have to stop at our all-time favorite Italian restaurant which has been closed for renovations since January. Phillip and George are very great friends so it wasn’t strange when Phillip said we had to stop at Villa Penna to check out the renovations before heading to dinner (where I thought he would propose). We pulled in to the parking lot and there were no cars so I was sure it wasn’t going to happen there.

Upon entering Villa Penna, George greeted us with a smile and an old school Italian kiss on the cheeks. The first time I met George he asked us, “When are you guys getting married?!” He mentioned that he wanted to show us the hall that one day our reception would be in. So we walked down to the hall and dreamed about what our wedding would look like. We exited the hall and Phillip grabbed my hand to guide me towards the window. He started talking about the scenery and the fireworks he wants to have…FIREWORKS?!? At that very moment he spun me around to see my whole family and our friends standing and smiling on the balcony! I was so surprised and so shocked! I looked down at him and he was down on one knee.

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With both of us in tears I couldn’t wait to say YES! Everything was perfect! Phillip had a photographer and a videographer to capture every moment! Following the proposal we were ushered into another room for dinner with all of our family and friends. Check out the video here and watch the magic happen.

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