Stephanie and Paulo

Stephanie and Paulo's Engagement in A park

How We Met

2 year before our first date a friend of ours tried to set us up and failed…

I wanted to focus on school and thought a relationship would distract me. Two years later this friend decided to play Cupid one more time and convinced me to give love a try.

She arranged a hangout with some friends from church and figured we could meet in a bowling alley where I could show off my killer bowling skills. At first sight, I noticed his beautiful smile and bright green eyes, the man was clearly a hottie

However, I had to wait and see if he was just as amazing on the inside as he was on the outside Within ten short minutes into talking to him, I had a feeling in my gut unlike any other, and I knew that this man would be in my life forever.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in A park

In one year he has become my best friend and has helped me break down some of the fears and boundaries that I had built towards love.

He is kind, patient, respectful, and loves me wholeheartedly. His beautiful proposal to me is only a small testament of who he is and how outrageously he loves me every day.

Stephanie's Proposal in A park

How They Asked

Weeks before our proposal, a friend of mine had told me she had just bought a new camera and wanted to learn how to use it by taking some shots of me and my boyfriend.

On January 26th, 2019, I woke up early, drank my coffee, and got ready for a photoshoot. Not knowing that in a couple of hours I would say yes to the man of my dreams, and my whole life would change forever.

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Throughout the shoot, I would catch glimpses of my boyfriend’s eyes getting teary, and his teeth shaking, but in thirty-degree New England weather I figured it was due to the cold

Little did I know that while we were taking photos, 50 feet away from us were our closest family and friends hiding, anxiously awaiting for us to find them behind the trees.

As we walked through the park I began to hear music, I could feel something was off.

Just as I turned the corner, there they were, my closest family and friends holding roses and signs that read “just because I want to walk through life with you.” As I hugged and thank every one of them, I was lead down a path to find a giant heart made out of rose petals, and photos of us hanging from the branches.

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It was then that he got down on his knees and asked for my hand in marriage.

Paulo has exceeded all of my expectations in every way, but never could I have imagined a proposal so creative, thoughtful, and full of love. Impatiently waiting to walk down the aisle and become his wife.