Stephanie and Patrick

how we met

We were at our high school football game (high school sweethearts, we know). I had seen Steph a few times before, but this was our first time being introduced and we spent the whole game talking. We hit if off, I avoided talking to her for a while because I was jealous she was more sarcastic than me, and eventually we got together.

how they asked

I met Justin in the men’s restroom. We had spent the whole week coordinating where to propose because the weather was so awful during our vacation. Justin kept checking the weather and saw a brief moment of sunshine near the end of our vacation. We got to the top of Grouse Mountain, coordinated in the bathroom, then my girlfriend and I walked a secluded trail. We saw a lone photographer (Justin) taking pictures of nothing. I asked for a quick picture with my cellphone, and as he took it I popped the question and he quickly swapped to his camera.

Special Thanks

Justin Ho Photography
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Grouse Mountain
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