Stephanie and Ofek

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How We Met

We were introduced at a party back in 2014 by Ofek’s brother and his girlfriend, who is a close friend of mine. We hit it off immediately and spent the whole night playing darts and getting to know each other. I gave him my number at the end of the night but totally expected him to play it cool and wait for the 3-day rule. To my surprise, he ended up texting me first thing the very next morning and we just got to talking non-stop. He asked me out on a date within a few days, and we went on a hike up Runyon Canyon. He was a total sweetheart and made it seem like he was the one who wanted to rest on the way up the mountain when it was totally me that needed to keep taking breaks and drinking water. Fellas, pick an easy hike for the first date! And if you’re wondering how that first date went, I must have felt pretty confident considering we took a picture together and I ended up posting it on Instagram on the car ride home with him…

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How They Asked

Ofek’s friends who had recently gotten engaged texted us inviting us to their engagement party in Huntington Beach. They said it was going to be a formal evening, so I spent way too much time stressing over how to dress formally to a beach event. Do I wear heels? Wedges? Sandals? I checked the weather and it showed that it would be insanely windy, so then I started stressing over the outfit and how to balance dressing warm but looking cute. Luckily, I spent so much time preoccupied with what I was going to wear that I didn’t realize I was walking into my own engagement.

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Turned out, Ofek had looped them into his master plan to keep his proposal a surprise. Up until we turned the corner into the tented area, I was still expecting to see our friends and a party going on, and instead, I saw the most romantic proposal set up, complete with a picnic, a fire pit, our special song playing through a speaker, and the love of my life dropping to his knee.

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